Saturday, November 21, 2020

SMFS Member Publishing News: Jan Christensen

SMFS list member Jan Christensen’s new book, Death At Paradise Beach: A Luna Saga, is available in both print and eBook formats at Amazon and other vendors. 



No one at the Sea Breeze Condominiums liked Barry Everhart. But when condo manager, 39-year old Luna Dearborn, finds him bludgeoned to death in the Texas coastal seagrass, the police seem to believe she’s a prime suspect. She quickly hires a shrewd, intriguing lawyer named Casper.The next day her mother and hippie grandmother arrive from Minnesota in a vintage VW bus for a planned visit. Further complicating her life, she’s met a new man who’s igniting some feelings she’s not sure are reliable.Between entertaining her quirky relatives, answering more police questions, and coping with a surprise visitor, Luna has less time to chill out on the condo’s roof garden and laze on the beach while her assistant manager takes charge. When he’s attacked and ends up as a suspect, Luna realizes that she needs to prove someone else is the killer. But there are more shocking surprises in store for her. Will she be able to prevent more deaths, including her own?

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