Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rules for SMFS Logo Use

UPDATED October 28, 2016 by President Kevin R. Tipple

Short Mystery Fiction Society (SMFS) members may display either of the two approved logos in this post as signs of membership on their websites. When you place the logos on your website, please ensure that left-clicking on the logos navigates to our membership roll URL

The images in this post are for light webpages. Images for dark pages are available by way of SMFS officers.

Use of the SMFS logos for any other purpose requires the express written consent of the SMFS President or Vice President.

The original SMFS logo (shown in the blog sidebar) is for use by the SMFS administration only.

You may not alter the member-use logo or original logo images or the URL to which they are intended to navigate.


Jack Bates said...

Thanks, Gerald. Got it up on my myspace space.


Larry Chavis said...

Good work, Gerald. Thanks.