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The Great Train Robbery: Mystery Short Story by Michael Bracken

The Great Train Robbery: Mystery Short Story by Michael Bracken went up yesterday as part of the August 19th edition of Kings River Life Magazine. Michael has reported to the list that the tale was originally published in Mike Shane Mystery Magazine in June 1985. At that time, it was his fourth publication in the magazine and his seventh published mystery overall.

You can read the tale here.

Judy Penz Sheluk remembers B. K. Stevens

Just shares this interview she did with B. K. back in September 2016.

Catherine Dilts remembers B. K. Stevens

Catherine Dilts shares....

I am saddened to announce the passing earlier this week of a great mystery author, B. K. Stevens. She left us too soon. Rather than posting my usual short story review, please read this author's work and form your own opinion. A Derringer Award winner, her mysteries are of literary quality. She appeared frequently in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. I wrote her a fan letter for her story, The Last Blue Glass. B. K. responded that she saved all her fan letters, to re-read at moments when she was discouraged. You can find the link to The Last Blue Glass here. I have no doubt she will be remembered.

Catherine Dilts
Stone Cold Blooded - A Rock Shop Mystery 
Unrepentant Sinner - AHMM May/June 2017
Derringer Award Finalist: The Chemistry of Heroes - AHMM - May 2016

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Jay Hartman remembers B. K. Stevens

Jay shares....

B. K. was an author who signed on with us very early on in the foundation of Untreed Reads. I remember being so thrilled that she was willing to take the chance on a new publishing house to place her work. We ended up publishing two of her short stories as standalones, and she supported us and both of them as if they were full-length, NYT bestsellers. She had a great wit, was incredibly sweet and genuinely cared about the success of everyone involved in her publications. A true joy to work with.

Jay Hartman
Untreed Reads Publishing

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SleuthSayers: Remembering B.K. Stevens

Several SMFS members are currently at work on their remembrance posts for the SMFS blog as B. K. Stevens was also a major presence in our SMFS group. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends in the wake of her sudden passing.

SleuthSayers: Remembering B.K. Stevens: By Art Taylor On Monday, B.K. Stevens —an award-winning mystery writer, a member of the SleuthSayers family here, and a great friend t...

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Little Big Crimes Review Publish or Perish by Kevin Z. Garvey

Little Big Crimes: Publish or Perish, by Kevin Z. Garvey: "Publish or Perish," by Kevin Z. Garvey, in Mystery Weekly Magazine, July 2017. Every twist ending is a surprise. Not every s...

SMFS Member News: Diana Deverell

"Shut Your Eyes and You'll be Fine" by Diana Deverell is in Mystery Weekly's August issue

Like the story's protagonist, Diana spent 18 months in war-torn San Salvador. She's tried many times to turn that experience into fiction, but no sale. The MW editor's acceptance of this brand-new effort suggests that 35 years might be enough distance.

Diana tells more to thriller writer Rick Reed in an interview published in the August issue of The Big Thrill the-door-by-diana-deverell/