Thursday, April 15, 2021

Member Publication News: Elizabeth Zelvin

 At Something Is Going to Happen, the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine blog, Elizabeth Zelvin tells the background to her story "Who Stole The Afikomen?"

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Member Publishing News: Alicia Beckman (Leslie Budewitz)

 Today is the publication date for Leslie Budewitz's first suspense novel, written as Alicia Beckman.  You can read about Bitter Root here.

Member Publishing News: Bobby Mathews

 Yellow Mama Webzine just published Bobby Mathews' "Every Night I tell Him."  Read it here.

Member Publishing News: William Burton McCormick

 William Burton McCormick has a story in the thirteenth issue of The Ghastling, out today.  More information here.

Member Publishing News: Edith Maxwell

 Today marks the publishing of Edith Maxwell's seventh Quaker Midwife mystery, A Changing Light.

Read about it here. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

The Derringer Awards 2021 Finalists

The finalists for the 2021 Derringer Awards have been announced. Congratulations to all these authors!  Corrected 4/3/2021 4:24 PM CDT time.



Blackwell, C.W. “Memories of Fire.” Pulp Modern 

Blakey, James. “Outsourcing.” Shotgun Honey 

Mangeot, Robert. “Over Before It Started.” Murder Mondays 

Mathews, Bobby. “Quitman County Ambush.” Bristol Noir 

Richardson, Travis. “War Words.” Punk Noir 



Elwood, Elizabeth. “The Homicidal Understudy.” Ellen Hart Presents Malice Domestic: Mystery Most Theatrical 

Freimor, Jacqueline. “That Which is True.” EQMM: July/August 2020 

Jones, Eleanor Cawood. “The Great Bedbug Incident and the Invitation of Doom." Chesapeake Crimes: Invitation to Murder.  

Keeline, Kim. “The Crossing.” Crossing Borders

Woodson, Stacy. “River.” The Beat of Black Wings: Crime Fiction Inspired by the Songs of Joni Mitchell 



Chen, Sarah M. “Hotelin’.” Shotgun Honey: Volume #4: Recoil 

Mangeot, Robert. “Lord, Spare the Bottom Feeders.” AHMM: March/April: 2020 

Walker, Joseph S. “Chasing Diamonds.” EQMM: September/October 2020 

Walker, Joseph S. “Etta at the End of the World.” AHMM: May/June 2020 

Woodson, Stacy. “Mary Poppins Didn’t Have Tattoos.” EQMM: July/August 2020 



Cohen, Jeff.  “The Question of the Befuddled Judge.” AHMM: May/June: 2020 

Malliet, G.M. “A Murder at Morehead Mews.” EQMM: July/August 2020 

Taylor, Art. “The Boy Detective and the Summer of ’74.” AHMM: January/February 2020 

Thornton, Brian.  “Suicide Blonde.” Suicide Blonde:Three Novellas 

Wilson, Matthew. “The Wretched Strangers.” EQMM: January/February 2020

SMFS Members Published in Fiction River: Dark & Deadly Passions

Several SMFS list members are published in Fiction River: Dark & Deadly Passions. Published by WMG Publishing, the anthology is available in print and eBook formats at Amazon. The SMFS list members in the book are:


Lauryn Christopher with "Tilting at Windmills."


Ron Collins with “Some of This Is True.”


Dayle A. Dermatis with “Zero Tolerance.”


Annie Reed with "Missing Carolyn.”


Laura Ware with “Lost and Found.”



Dark and deadly passions fuel crime. Often violent crime.

The stories in this compelling volume traverse an emotional rollercoaster. Some revenge stories uplift, while the very darkest stories shine a light on the disturbing underbelly of human nature.

But heroism—or at least an attempt to do the right thing—provides hope.

So, brace yourself for a swirl of emotions—and some dark and deadly passions.

Friday, April 2, 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

SMFS Member Publishing News: Teel James Glenn

SMFS list member Teel James Glenn’s new novel, Killing Shadows, is now out. Published in print and eBook formats by Airship 27 Productions, the read is available at Amazon.



SHADOWS OF THE PAST • Jon Shadows is a freelance bodyguard and investigator. When his ex-lover, Maria, tells him her billionaire husband, William Carter, is trying to kill her, he can’t help but come to her aid. Shadows’ plan is to attend an annual corporate employee meeting on Carter’s private island and do some digging. •He soon discovers the eccentric computer mogul has ominous ties to the Japanese crime syndicate known as the Yukaza and is already being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. But before Shadows can make sense of the data, a close friend is brutally murdered and it looks like he is slated to be the killer’s next target. •In Jon Shadows, award winning pulp scribe, Teel James Glenn, has created a terrific new hero with echoes of the classics avengers. In the end, Jon’s enemies soon learn “Killing Shadows” is no easy matter.