Saturday, June 3, 2000

2000 Derringer Award Results

The Short Mystery Fiction Society's 2000 Derringer Awards results were determined by a vote of the membership at large after member-volunteer judges narrowed the submissions to finalists. Winners bolded:

Our preference is to list month, year, and day of publication where applicable, but some of this information is missing from our older records. Please email me (G_SO at YAHOO dot COM) if you have any information to correct or add.

Best Flash (Up to 1,200 words) (Tie)
  • "When in Rome" by Dorothy Francis (Murderous Intent, December 1999/January 2000)
  • "Just a Man on the Sidewalk" by Carol Kilgore (, March 12–18, 1999)
  • "Blind Justice" by Lynda Douglas (Novel Advice, August 15, 1999)
  • "Absent-Minded" by L. C. Mohr (Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, June/July 1999)
  • "The Armored Car" by Tim Myers (MysteryNet, August 1999)

Best Short Story (1,201–10,000 words)
  • "The Way to a Man's Heart" by Elizabeth Dearl (, February 10, 1999)
  • "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" by Chris Huntington (Blue Murder #9)
  • "One More Kill" by Matt Hughes (Blue Murder, December 1999)
  • "The Bread of Affliction" by Michael Kahn (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, September/October 1999)
  • "Taking Care of Frank" by Anthony Mann (Crimewave #2, 1999)

Best Novella (10,001–25,000 words)
  • "Saint Bobby" by Doug Allyn (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, April 1999)
  • "Annie's Dream" by Bentley Dadmun (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, December 1999)
  • "Death in the Dales" by C. M. Chan (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, January 1999)

Best First Short Story
  • "Death in Full Bloom" by Ray Wonderly (Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, August 1999)

Golden Derringer for Lifetime Achievement
  • Henry Slesar

Derringers for Reader Support
  • Robert Foster
  • Jiro Kimura