Tuesday, August 4, 2020

SMFS Member Podcast News: O'Neil De Noux

SMFS list member O’Neil De Noux won the Shamus Award in the “Best Private Eye Short Story Category” for his short story, “Sac-a-Lait Man.” The tale is the subject of  Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine Podcast: Episode 130 and can be heard here and is read by Mr. O’Neil De Noux. The story appeared in print in the September/October 2019 issue of the magazine.

From the website:

This year's Shamus Award for Best Short Story went to Louisiana author O'Neil De Noux for his tale "Sac-a-Lait Man," from EQMM's September/October 2019 issue. The author also won the 2017 Shamus Award and has won a Derringer Award for Best Novelette. De Noux is the author of over thirty novels. The sixth book in the Lucien Caye series, to which this story belongs, is forthcoming. http://www.oneildenoux.com

SleuthSayers: I Write Therefore I Am by Paul D. Marks

SleuthSayers: I Write Therefore I Am: Walking the dogs. Buster above.  Pepper (left) and Buster below. Sometimes—often—I get tired of the writing grind. A lot of blood, sweat...

Monday, August 3, 2020

SMFS Member Podcast News: Debra H. Goldstein

The latest KRL Podcast features the mystery short story, “Nova, Capers, and a Schmear of Cream Cheese” by Debra H. Goldstein. Originally published in the 2019 anthology, Fishy Business: The Fifth Guppy Anthology, the story is read by Thomas Nance. You can hear the KRL Podcast here.

From the site:

This episode features the mystery short story, Nova, Capers, and a Schmear of Cream Cheese written by Debra H. Goldstein and read by local actor Thomas Nance. The story was published in Fishy Business: The Fifth Guppy Anthology. You can learn more about the author on her website debrahgoldstein.com.  In each episode, we share with you mystery short stories and mystery novel first chapters read by actors from the San Joaquin Valley. Thomas Nance has read many past podcast stories for us and they too are available here and on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and others. If you enjoyed this episode please review or rate it as that helps more people be able to find us! Also, consider subscribing so you never miss an episode-both to this podcast and to the podcast newsletter. You can find more mystery fun on our websites Kings River Life Magazine and KRL News and Reviews.

Pulp Modern Flash: MEMORIES OF FIRE by C.W. Blackwell

Pulp Modern Flash: MEMORIES OF FIRE by C.W. Blackwell: Gina expected a corpse, but the man she found in the trailer was only half-dead. Fresh blood on the mattress. Hair matted to the sweat-...

Kill Zone: Parsley Poop – The Cozy Writer and the Conundrum of Keeping It Clean

Kill Zone: Parsley Poop – The Cozy Writer and the Conundrum of Keeping It Clean

Mystery Playground: Q&A with Paul D. Marks

Mystery Playground: Q&A with Paul D. Marks: Paul Marks joins us today to talk about his new book, The Blues Don't Care.  Paul D. Marks is the author of the Shamus Award-Winning mys...

SMFS Members Published in Mystery Weekly Magazine: August 2020

SMFS list members are published in the Mystery Weekly Magazine: August 2020 issue. The read is available from the publisher in both print and digital formats as well as at Amazon and other vendors.  The SMFS members in this issue are:

Michael Bracken with “Bone Soup.”

Bruce Harris with “A Numbers Game.” This is “A-You-Solve-It” mystery for this issue and the answer will be in the issue next month.

Josh Pachter with “The Odds Are Good.”


At the cutting edge of crime fiction, Mystery Weekly Magazine presents original short stories by the world’s best-known and emerging mystery writers.
The stories we feature in our monthly issues span every imaginable subgenre, including cozy, police procedural, noir, whodunit, supernatural, hardboiled, humor, and historical mysteries. Evocative writing and a compelling story are the only certainty.
Get ready to be surprised, challenged, and entertained--whether you enjoy the style of the Golden Age of mystery (e.g., Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle), the glorious pulp digests of the early twentieth century (e.g., Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler), or contemporary masters of mystery.
Our cover feature, “Lucid” by Bill Kelly, is a femme fatale tale dealing with mystery, memory and murder.
“Only The Desperate Come Here” by Michael Mallory: People only come to attorney Scott Turley when there's no other choice. So when a confessed murderer with deep pockets and a powerful family retains him, he sees it as a big payday … not realizing the extent of the price to him.
“The Odds Are Good” by Josh Pachter: When Ginny Krause heads north to escape a bad second marriage, she finds Alaska full of surprises.
In “A Grave Mistake” by Rachel Amphlett a walk in the woods takes a dark turn for Ben.
In “The Power Of The Dog” by Leone Ciporin a girl wearing a dog costume is performing at a county fair with a kindergarten class, when a gunman rushes the stage. Can her costume help her save the children?
“Bone Soup” by Michael Bracken: Sheriff Sherri Fine won her election by mistake, and now she's faced with a cold case that pits her against the local political machine.
“A Little Housecleaning” by David Bart: Wade comes to understand the phrase: “The chickens have come home to roost.”
“Suicide Insurance” by Gerard J Waggett: The good news: Irish Twins twins Bobby and Ronan hit the lottery. Bad news: Their winning ticket connects them to the murder of a liquor store owner.