Friday, April 3, 2020

SleuthSayers: Character Bios by O'Neil De Noux

SleuthSayers: Character bios: Character Bios It's hard to write a column when you see this headline online from the  New York Times : 13 Deaths in a Day: An 'A...

Jacqueline Seewald: Writing: Fiction Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Jacqueline Seewald: Writing: Fiction Mistakes and How to Fix Them: I initially wrote a blog for this week entitled “Life and Writing in the Time of Coronavirus.” My husband suggested it. However, when I gav...

SMFS Official Announcement: 2020 Derringer Award Finalists

Since 1998, the Short Mystery Fiction Society has awarded the annual Derringers—after the popular pocket pistol—to outstanding published stories. The awards recognize outstanding stories published during 2019. Results of membership voting are scheduled to be posted on May 1, 202020.

As graphically posted late last night to our list by 2020 Derringer Awards Coordinator Tony Rudzki, these are the official 202020 Derringer Award Finalists:

Trey Dowell
The Two-Body Problem
Josh Pachter
2 Percent
Lissa Marie Redmond
C J Verburg
The Six-Year-Old Serial Killer
Chris Chan
The Kindly Dark
J. B. Toner
Love, or Something Like It
Michael Bracken
A Sure Thing
C.C. Guthrie
On the Road with Mary Jo
John Floyd
Pig Lickin’ Good
Debra H. Goldstein
Miss Starr’s Good-bye
Leslie Budewitz
None Shall Sleep
Sylvia Maultash Warsh
Pretty Dreams
Peter W. J. Hayes
See Humble and Die
Rick Helms
Lucy's Tree
Sandra Murphy
Her Sister's Secrets
Brendan DuBois
The Cripplegate Apprehension
Rick Helms
The Concrete Smile
Frank Zafiro
The Dutchy
Doug Allyn
I Called to Say You're Dead
Stephen Greco

A vote of the SMFS membership will determine the winner in each category. Results will be announced in May 2020.

For more on the Derringers and the rules, please see the 
Derringer Awards Policy post

Kevin R. Tipple 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

SMFS Member Publishing News: Jacqueline Flaum

SMFS list member Jacqueline Flaum’s new novella, The Yellow Fever Revenge, is now available on Amazon in eBook format.


Plague of Biblical proportions

When yellow fever rumors arise in 1878, Elizabeth McAlister knows how bad it can be — black vomit, raging fevers, thrashing victims wild with pain. She survived in 1867 when two thousand others did not.
But the ring of shop bell announces a threat more terrifying than yellow fever for her. Barkley Mills, the brutal man who raped her and fathered her son, is now living in Memphis. He will surely recognize himself in their boy’s face.
As the fever devastates towns in a steady march up the Mississippi River to Memphis, Elizabeth plots revenge—and finds love.

Chicks on the Case: Guest Chick: Nupur Tustin

Chicks on the Case: Guest Chick: Nupur Tustin

SMFS Member Publishing News: Edith Maxwell

Today is publication day for SMFS list member Edith Maxwell’s new book, Murder at the Taffy Shop. Writing as Maddie Day, the book is published by Kensington Publishing and exclusive to Barnes and Noble in print format for one year. This is the second book in the Cozy Capers Book Group Mystery Series that started with Murder on Cape Cod.

Publisher Synopsis:

Cape Cod bicycle shop owner Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida and her mystery book club find a certain accusation of murder quite the stretch . . .
When your mother is an astrologist and your dad is a minister, you learn to keep an open mind. Which is just what Mac loves to do—exercise her mind by puzzling out fictional clues in the mystery novels she reads and discusses with her Cozy Capers Book Group.
But now Mac’s friend Gin has found herself in a sticky situation. After wealthy genealogist Beverly Ruchart is found dead outside Gin’s taffy shop, the candy maker becomes a person of interest. When it’s revealed that Beverly was poisoned the night Gin brought a box of taffy to a dinner party at Beverly’s house, she’s bumped to the top of the suspects list. It’s up to Mac and her Cozy Capers crime solvers to unwrap this real-life mystery. But this time they might have bitten off more than they can chew . . .