Tuesday, November 13, 2018

SMFS Member Publication News: James Blake

SMFS list member James Blakey’s short story, “The Last Case” has just been published by Over My Dead Body!

SMFS Members Published in Mysterical-E: Fall 2018 Issue

Mysterical-E Fall 2018 issue has been released and features the work of two SMFS members.

Cathi Stoler with her short story, “Where to Now?”

Gerald So once again considers aspects of the world of television with “Mysterical-Eye.”

SMFS Member Publication News: John M. Floyd

SMFS list member John M. Floyd has another mystery short story appearing in the Woman’s World Magazine. His latest mystery short story, “Cracking the Code” is in the current issue (November 19, 2018) of  Woman’s World Magazine. The publication is available on some newsstands and by subscription.

Members are reminded that Mr. Floyd shared in his piece at SleuthSayers Blog how he goes about writing short stories for this market. Well worth reading, especially if you are looking to break into this market. One could say he cracked the code.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Short Walk Down A Dark Street: Issue 26

As posted by Peter DiChellis to our list…

This week’s blog sharpens a shiv and walks the yard for short mystery and crime fiction: links to reviews, releases, and free stories.
Links include a review of anthology stories written by prison inmates and edited by Joyce Carol Oates.
A short walk down a dark street (#26).
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Saturday, November 10, 2018

SMFS Short Story Saturdays: Barbara Eliasson

SMFS Short Story Saturdays was born out of the very successful International Short Story Month this year. Each Saturday we feature a SMFS list member whose work can be read online for free. These short stories are at least a year old and were not previously linked to during the May 2018 Short Story Month event.

Today for SMFS Short Story Saturdays, Barbara Eliasson shares “Mean Girl” from the archives of Flash Bang Mysteries.

If you would like to be included and are a member of the SMFS list at yahoo groups, email the link to your story to KevinRTipple at Verizon dot net. If you are not a member, this would be a good time to check us out at Yahoo Groups.

Friday, November 9, 2018

SMFS Member Publication News: John M. Floyd

SMFS list member John M. Floyd, in addition to his new book out now, The Barrens, has a short story in the current issue of “Deep South Magazine.” The story is titled "Annabelle" and is available to read, for free, online.