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A Short Walk Down A Dark Street: Issue 75

As posted by Peter DiChellis to our list…
If it’s Sunday let’s take a walk. A short walk down a dark street.
As always, this week’s blog is all about short mystery and crime fiction, with links to reviews, releases, free reads, and more.
Includes: The newest issue of cutting edge crime ‘zine Switchblade has been released into the civilian population.
Plus, food for thought: Author and editor Richard Thomas dissects 15 unconventional storytelling methods.
A short walk down a dark street (#75). Celebrating short mystery and crime fiction.
Best wishes,

SMFS Members Published in Fiction River: Superstitious

Several SMFS members are published in the new anthology, Fiction River: Superstitious. Published by WGM Publishing, the read is available from the publisher as well as  Amazon in print as well as digital formats, and at other vendors. The members in this issue are:

Ron Collins with “The Robin Club.”

Dayle A. Dermatis with “Umberto Scolari and the Ill-Fated Marriage.”

Anne Reed with “The Perils of Taking Table Selfies at a Con.”

C. A. Rowland with “8 Seconds.”

Amazon Synopsis:

Superstitions pervade every culture and belief system. Often, the origins of such superstitions elude their practitioners. The seventeen authors in this latest volume of Fiction River create their own superstitious tales in fascinating stories ranging from dark and moody to light and fun, from introspective and thought-provoking to high-ratcheted tension. Distinct and realistic elements of humanity, love, fear, family, friendship, life, and death provide unforgettable experiences that prove we all practice some form of superstition, whether we admit it or not. “…fertile imaginations take these ideas to wild and wonderful directions.”—Astro Guyz

SMFS Members Published in In the Key of 13: An anthology of music and murder

Several SMFS members are published in the new anthology, In the Key of 13: An anthology of music and murder.  Published by Carrick Publishing, the read is available in both print and digital formats at Amazon. The SMFS members with stories in the book are: 

M. H. Callway with “Brainworm.” M. H. Callway also served as project manager.

Melodie Campbell with “Death of a Cheapskate.”

Marilyn Kay with “Her Perfume.”

Rosemary McCracken with “Farewell to the King.”

Lisa de Nikolits with “Hit Me With Your Pet Shark.”

Ed Piwowarczyk with “The Ballad of Will Robinson.” Mr. Piwowarczyk also served as a copy editor for the project.

Kevin P. Thornton with “Under The Lamplight.”

Sylvia M. Warsh with “None Shall Sleep.”

Amazon Synopsis:
 The Mesdames of Mayhem are delighted to bring readers their fourth anthology of crime stories. Our current theme is music, mischief and murder: In the Key of 13 !

Music from Mozart to Beethoven to Elvis is a sweet accompaniment to sin in 19 wicked tales, ranging from cozy to noir, by 18 acclaimed Canadian crime writers and one talented newcomer.

Can you hear the violins? They may be plotting your demise. Are you an opera lover? Take care, your passion means a revenge served cold. And that tune that refuses to leave your mind? It will truly drive you mad…

Many of the Mesdames are winners or finalists of leading crime fiction awards, including the Arthur Ellis, Edgar, Derringer, Bony Pete and Debut Dagger awards. To learn more about us and our novels and stories, follow the links in these pages and visit our website at mesdamesofmayhem dot com.

Editor: Donna Carrick
Copy-editor: Ed Piwowarczyk
Project manager: M.H. Callway
Foreword: Donna Carrick
The Moonlight Sonata, Caro Soles
Farewell to the King, Rosemary McCracken
A Contrapuntal Duet, Blair Keetch
Hit Me with Your Pet Shark, Lisa de Nikolits
Requiem, Jane Petersen Burfield
Under the Lamplight, Kevin P. Thornton
Soul Behind the Face, Madona Skaff
Winona and the CHUM Chart, Catherine Dunphy
Brainworm, M.H. Callway
The Beethoven Disaster, Rosemary Aubert
Her Perfume, Marilyn Kay
Bad Vibrations, Rosalind Place
Death of a Cheapskate, Melodie Campbell
Let the Sunshine In, Lynne Murphy
Gentle Rain from Heaven, Catherine Astolfo
None Shall Sleep, Sylvia Maultash Warsh
Solace in D Minor, Donna Carrick
The Ballad of Will Robinson, Ed Piwowarczyk
Modern Myst'ry Scribble'er, Cheryl Freedman

Get your Blue Shoes on and thrill to these fabulous stories of music and murder, brought to you by this acclaimed group of award-winning authors!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

SMFS and Yahoo Groups Going Forward

For those SMFS members who are no mail or have other email restrictions and may not have been checking on the list as much as they should have been, Yahoo Groups is soon ending files, polling, and numerous other features. While we will still have the ability to send and receive email for now, changes are coming and that is going to necessitate moving to another host. This morning I sent the below message to the list so that all SMFS list members are aware of how I, as SMFS President, intend on handling this situation. The post below was generated by numerous member comments on the list in recent days since the news broke Tuesday afternoon as well as a massive flood of messages to me offlist.

It has seemed clear to me that those commenting publicly and privately would prefer to move to Groups.Io when we do move. As Yahoo Groups has stated that the emails will still work after October 21st or October 28th (pick a date as they are using both), there still seems to me to be no rush to move right this second. As I see it, the files function and polling function are the two that hit us the hardest and are not truly needed until Derringer season. 

I anticipate starting this process in early November sometime after Bouchercon. No, not the day after. I am not sure what exact day it would be, but it would be just a few days after Bouchercon here in Dallas. My goal would be to have everyone who wishes to make the leap to our new home do so by the end of November so that things are in place long before Tony and Dan need those tools for files/polling. Yes, there would be news on our blog to help spread the word when it happens. 

As I have previously explained, there would be a fee if I were to attempt to export us over from here. While I have not been able to find an actual fee structure on the Groups.Io site, I have seen the figure of $110 bandied about here and on other groups. I have also seen the fee listed as a $10 a month which would add up to $120 a year. Like the cutoff date, I don't know which one is right. Either way, it is a pain. While I would be willing to pay that up front on behalf of the group and would do so and then ask for members to chip in and help pay it, I don't trust these Groups.Io folks to not demand a higher fee next year to retain their service. Once we pay now, we may find ourselves locked in and unable to later switch to their free plan.

That means I would be passing on a fee to the next administration. That is a burden or obligation I do not want to place on them. Beyond that fact, I don't trust the Groups.Io folks to not end their free plan a year from now. They clearly are profiting from the end of yahoo groups and I think that once they get this wave of money they will want more. A simple solution for them would be to end the free version of things. But, at least if we went in free now, we would have a year before that happened and the new administration would face that issue. I can't avoid that happening, but I don't have to do something now that definitely obligates the new administration into either paying a fee or moving us again. 

Beyond that potential problem is the definite real problem regarding  group ownership. As Gerald So again noted  this morning, Margo Power is the owner of record and remains unreachable. I personally have tried to reach her a couple of times during my administration--as recently as mid summer this year-- as have members of previous administrations and with no sucess. The transfer process at Groups.Io requires the active participation of the owner of the Yahoo Group. That owner HAS TO be involved and do parts of it. No choice.  Therefore, at this time, there would be no possible way to make a transfer happen anyway.

So, it is not just their fee issue. It is a owner problem. 

This is why I suggested that the only way to do this would be to start a new group fresh there and then have folks come join it. Becuase their rules at Groups.Io make it impossible to do a transfer as many have advocated. By starting fresh, we also jettison the massive number of dormant accounts that have bloated our member roll. 

Our basic email will continue to work for now. Since we have time, I would really like to get through my coming medical stuff this week and then, hopefully, attend Bouchercon, and get through all of that before I try to fiddle with creating our new group at Groups.Io. 

Hope this all makes sense. 


SleuthSayers: Music in the Time of a Private Eye by O'Neil De Noux

SleuthSayers: Music in the Time of a Private Eye: Music in the Time of a Private Eye by O'Neil De Noux Research for my private eye series set in the 1940s-1950s drew me to YouTube to...

SMFS Short Story Saturdays: Earl Staggs

Each Saturday, we feature a SMFS list member whose work can be read online for free. These short stories are at least a year old.  

For SMFS Short Story Saturdays today, list member Earl Staggs shares the 2014 published short story, “Dead Man On A School Bus,” archived at his website.

If you would like to be included and are a member of the SMFS list at yahoo groups, email the link to your story to KevinRTipple at Verizon dot net. If you are not a member, this would be a good time to check us out at Yahoo Groups.

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