Thursday, October 21, 2021

Publication News: Autumn Noir


Untreed Reads has just published Autumn Noir: An Unsettling Reads Crime/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Anthology. It includes stories by Society  members:

Wendy Harrison: "An Orchid to Die For"

V.S. Kemanis: "Golden Silence"

Teresa Trent: "A Slice for Stanley"

Bev Vincent: "Escape Velocity"

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Publication News: Anthology Released


"There'll Be Blue Popcorn Without You! - Stories from Pulphouse Fiction Magazine" released today.

It features stories by Society members:

-"Virtual Oracle" by Leigh Saunders

-"A Cherub by Any Other Name" by Annie Reed

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Member News: Brandon Barrows



"The Right to Hang," by Brandon Barrows won the second place in the short story contest #38 by the e-zine  On the Premise.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Publication News Edith Maxwell



SMFS member Edith Maxwell has a story in the November/December edition of the Alfred Hitchcok´s Mystery Magazine. 

The story´s titled An Excellent Team and an excerpt can be read here.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Publication News: Pam Ebel, Elena Smith, Tom Andes, Joan Leotta



Issue #88 of YELLOW MAMA WEBZINE's Halloween edition includes stories from several SMFS members including Pam Ebel, Elena Smith, Tom Andes, and Joan Leotta.

Member Publication News: John Floyd



John Floyd's story called "Annabelle," which in the author's words is a sort of mystery/horror, is included in Released: A Horror Anthology. by No Bad Books Press.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Publication News: Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021


Today sees the release of Best American Mystery and Suspense 2021.  Congratulations to Short mystery Fiction Society members:

Nikki Dolson: "Neighbors."

Brian Silverman: "Land of Promise."

Faye Snowden: "One Bullet, One Vote."

Monday, October 11, 2021

Friday, October 8, 2021

Member Publication News: Karen Harrington

 The new issue of Pulp Modern features "Fame at the Mini-Mart," by Karen Harrington.

Publication News: Mystery Readers Journal

 The "Lone Star" issue of Mystery Readers Journal has arrived.  Among the articles by members of the Society are:

Jim Doherty: "Lone Star Dragnet - Joel McCrea as the Joe Friday of Texas," "Wearing the Cinco Peso Star," and "Frank Hamer, Gus Hachette, and Me."

Elizabeth Elwood: "Two for Texas."

Gay Toltl Kinman: "The Children's Hour."

Sandra Murphy: "Texas, the Perfect Setting."

Josh Pachter: "An Eye of Texas."

Bev Vincent: "Texas: A State of Crime."

Member Publication News: Travis Richardson


Shotgun Honey has published Travis Richardson's story "Job Dine Wrong."  Read it for free here.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Member Publication News: Jeff Esterholm

 Jeff Esterholm has a story in the new issue of Rock and a Hard Place Magazine:  "Barman."

Publication News: Mystery Magazine

The October issue of Mystery Magazine features several stories by Short Mystery Fiction Society members:

Joslyn Chase: "Chamber of Vengeance."

Peter DiChellis: "Lost in Time."

Kate Fellowes: "The Missing Train."

John M. Floyd: "The King's Island."

Teel James Glenn: "A Study of Death."

CJ Verburg: "Scandal at the Savoy: The Monocle Murder."

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Member Publication News: Jeff Esterholm


Yellow Mama has published Jeff Esterholm's story "Deep Cuts at the Inner Groove."  You can read it here.

Member Publication News: Joan Leotta


Joan Leotta's story "Death among Truth and Lies" appears in issue 13 of Impspired.  You can read it here.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Publication News: Whodunit

 Jersey Pines Ink has published Whodunit.  Stories include:

John M. Floyd: "Trial and Error."

Denise Johnson: "Murder in the McDowells."

Friday, October 1, 2021

Publication News: Cemetery Plots


The Capitol Crimes chapter of Sisters in Crime just released Cemetery Plots.  Among the stories in the anthology are:

Jenny Carless: "Strange Place for a Date."

Eve Elliot: "The One.

Elaine Faber: "A Teeny Weeny Drop."

Kim Keeline: "Nameless."  

Karen Phillips: "The Secret of Thompson's Hill."

Steve Shrott: "The Body."

Joseph S. Walker. "One Tossed Match."

Publication News: Trick or Treats


Speed City just published Trick or Treats: Tales of All Hallows' Eve.  Stories include:

Shari Held: "The Mystery of the Mirror"

Karen Phillips: "The Curse of the Benjamin Mansion"

Publication News: Mystery Magazine

The October double issue of Mystery Magazine is all pastiche and parody.  Among the featured tales are:

Joslyn Chase: "Chamber of Vengeance"

John M. Floyd: "The King's Island"

Teel James Glenn: "A Study of Death"

Bruce Harris: "Doctor Watson Knows Noses," and "The Savile Row Mystery"

Edward Lodi: "I, Montresor"

CJ Verburg: "Scandal at the Savoy: The Monocle Murder"