Monday, February 15, 2016

Cathi Stoler on The Writer's Dream

Member and 2015 Best Short Story Derringer winner Cathi Stoler recently appeared on the Long Island cable TV show The Writer's Dream, hosted by Linda Maria Frank. Also available on YouTube, Cathi's episode is embedded below:

Society Members' News

The following members sent in publication news this month:
  • Erik Arneson, "Heritage", Shotgun Honey (February 12, 2016)
  • Peter DiChellis, "Jailhouse Jive", Pure Slush Vol. 10 (February 2016)
    • "The Interrogation", Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (March 2016)
  • John M. Floyd, "A Gamble with Death", Woman's World (February 1, 2016)
    • “Snow Way Out”, Woman's World (February 15, 2016)
  • Susan Furlong writing as Lucy Arlington, Off the Books, Berkley Prime Crime (February 2016)
  • Robert Lopresti, "Street of the Dead House" will be reprinted in Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror ed. Paula Guran, Prime Books (June 2016)
  • Steve Pease writing as Michael Chandos, "Bus Stop", Shotgun Honey (February 15, 2016)
    • "Hotel Hate" accepted to Darkhouse Books' Black Coffee anthology
  • Julie Tollefson, "An Abundance of Patience", Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (March 2016)

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Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 Derringer Submissions Update

From 2016 Derringer Awards Coordinator Tony Rudzki, this is the final tally of submissions received for consideration. Judging takes place February 1–29. Finalists will be announced March 1.

Flash Story (Up to 1,000 Words)

A High Ridge Homecoming
A Park in California
A Spontaneous Decision
A Woman's Touch
Airplane Mode
And in the End
Bacon Bits
Baker Street, Boston
Beautiful Killer
Breaking Point
Brianna's Way
Clutching at Paws
Flexing Her Bitch Muscle
Heavy Debt
Here's To Bad Decisions: Red's Longneck Hooch
How I Got Into The Navy
Molly Nights
No More
Noche de Milagros
Party Princess
Payment to the Universe
Perfect Timing
Revenge of the Cellphone
Rock Off
Seven Odd Bullets
The Day After Memorial Day
The Family Business
The Hard Screw
The Interview
The Plan
The Wheelman
The Wrong Girl
This Was Now
Trash Pick-Up
Turn That Frown Upside Down
Violet Eyes
Ways to Make Money In Prison
Wicked Wanda
Wood Man


Short Story (1,001–4,000 Words)

A Day Like No Other
A Good Beginning
A Shifting Plan
Acceptance Speech
Bargaining Chip
Blood Diamonds
Boston Banshee
Caveat Emptor
Coffee Date
Dead Man on a School Bus
Deadly Signals
Death in the Library
Devil's Due
Don't Let the Cop into the House
Down Home
Down the Rickety Stairs
Fireworks (From Judge Lu's Ming Dynasty Case Files)
First Rodeo
Fix Me
Fractured Memories
Gracie's Bucket List
Hell Hath No Fury
Here's What Happened
It Bothers Me
Joe Park's Little Girl
Kill Switch
Last Mango in Paradise
Lawyers, Drugs and Money
Life Lesson
Lucky Man
Maybelle’s Last Stand
Murder for The B Team
Murder on Elm Street
Nick of Time
On Record
Pearls of Wisdom
Plastic Paddies
Police Navidad
Pompo's Disguise
Sewing on Sunday
Silent Measures
Sleeping In
Soliciting Misery
Stranger at the Door
String Theory
Tell Me Where He Lies
Tempest in a Teapot
Ten Things I Hate About My Wife
The Bag Lady
The Bucket List
The Case of the Dead Lady Blues
The Conflagration at the Nameless Cotton Gin
The Cunning Woman
The Demise of My Wives
The Discovery
The Donut Dealer
The Eyes Have It
The First Wife
The Headless Horseman
The Heir Hunt
The Hunt
The Interview
The Mountain Top
The Muse
The Nearly Ruined Thanksgiving
The Truth of What You've Become
The Wheels on the Bus
The Wrinkle Curse
Thor's Breath
Twilight Ladies
Vehicular Homicide
Wait, What?
We on the Train!
What If?
Words Can Kill


Long Story (4,001–8,000 Words)

A Game of Love
A Killing at the Beausoleil
A Pocketful Of Sand
A Questionable Death
A Year Without Santa Claus?
A Harrowing Death
Beneath Still Waters
Big and Shady
Broad Daylight
Bump in the Night
Childhood's Hour
Crack-Up at Waycross
Dark Chamber
Death of the Turban
Devious Doings in Dallas
Elder Brother
Goodnight Irene
Ground Hog Day
Just a Old Lady
Kill Me Again Slowly
Lake People
Last Rights
Life is a Big Headache
Lupe's Lemon Elixir
Marry in May and Rue the Day
Mr. Kill-Me
My Enemies Have Sweet Voices
Old Doc Sloan
Old Friends
On Target
On The Ramblas
One of Them
Our Man Julian
Out of Balance
Pill Bug
Play the Man
Puppy Love and Zombies
Shooting at Firemen
Sparrow's Flight
Street of the Dead House
Sudden Death
Tell the Others
The Color of Guilt
The Decoy
The Fibonacci Sequence
The Immortality Mushroom, From Judge Lu's Ming Dynasty Case Files
The Jackpot
The Letter B
The Man in the Dick Tracy Hat
The Man Who Loved Pie
The Monkey's Ghost
The Orchid Grower
The Seagull and the Skull
The Sutton Project
The Trouble with Virgins
The War of the Janitors
The White Game
Thrice the Brinded Cat
Walking the Dog
Where the Buffalo Roam


Novelette (8,001–20,000 words)

Crazy Cat Ladies
Glow Grass
Industrial Gray
La Rouge Jolie
Little Miss Somebody
Living Underwater
Quack and Dwight
Quarryville, Texas
Shooting Stars
The Comeback
The Curse of Cloud Castle
The Whiplash Brokers


If you submitted a story before January 31, 11:59 P.M. Eastern deadline and it is not listed, email TONY dot RUDZKI at GMAIL dot COM.