Saturday, September 22, 2018

SMFS Member Publication News: Bob Petyo

Based in Sydney, Australia, Gypsum Sound Tales has published their second book in the Colp anthology line. As he was with the first book where his short story, “Past Mistakes” appeared, SMFS list member Bob Peyto has a short story in the new book. His short story, “Heaven’s Bar” appears in the just released, COLP: Sky’s The Limit. The book is available in print and eBook Formats.

Amazon Synopsis:

The sky has always fascinated me. The more I learn, the more questions I seem to have. Free radicals, refracting light, the knowledge that, if you travel high enough, everything will eventually give way to the blackness of space - each fact makes me more and more curious about what might be going on up there. There are stories wrapped up in this knowledge, plenty of stories… Colp's latest collection, Sky's The Limit, contains twelve of these tales. Each story presents a unique perspective on our atmosphere and the effect that it may have on the people living, day by day, on the land down below.

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