Wednesday, July 25, 2018

SMFS Member Publication News: Bob Peyto

Based in Sydney, Australia, Gypsum Sound Tales has published their first book in the Colp anthology line. Titled, Colp: The Passage of Time, the read contains the work of thirteen authors includes SMFS list member Bob Peyto with his short story “Past Mistakes.” The book is available in both print or eBook formats.


Time is a difficult thing, a constant, yet one that we can bend and manipulate as easily as rolling the clocks forward or backwards each year for daylight savings. It ticks away each day, the minutes and hours passing unnoticed and unrecorded until yet another sunset brings the night. This passage, that’s the scary part - the lost opportunities, the forgotten memories and the spectacular moments that you’re unlikely to experience ever again. 

Colp’s first collection contains thirteen stories from thirteen different authors, each of which explores in its own way the idea that time, no matter how we approach it, will continue to pass and that sometimes there may just be a little something that we can do about it.Blake’s rule has always been to do what’s right…not what’s easy.

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