Friday, March 19, 2021

SMFS Members Published in Rock and a Hard Place: Issue 5, Winter/Spring 2021

Several SMFS members are published in the Rock and a Hard Place: Issue 5, Winter/Spring 2021. SMFS list member Jay Butkowski is the Managing Editor and SMFS List members Paul J. Garth and Libby Cudmore are Associate Editors. Published by Rock and a Hard Place Press, the read is available in print and eBook formats at Amazon. The SMFS list members published in this issue are:


Paul J. Garth with “Eat for a Week on $9.70.”


Deb Merino with “A Son Needs His Mother.”


J. B. Stevens with “This French 75 is a Living Thing.” 



Gangs, guns and tomatoes—what could go wrong?Yeah, turn your back on that gray-haired woman in the old Lincoln.Dumpstering a life is never just a job, especially when the owner is watching.Rock And A Hard Place shifts into fifth gear, and the people have never been more desperate or the decisions worse. Fiction, essays, poetry, and photography by:Travis Wade BeatyJerry BloomfieldC.A. ColeBill DavidsonPaul J. GarthJames D.F. HannahLindsey HeatherlyClaude Lalumi√®reAdrian LudensJeff MaschiDeb MerinoMichael J. MooreRoger NokesThomas PluckRichard RisembergJ. RohrS.J. RozanJohn Joseph RyanJ.B. StevensDon StollR.D. SullivanTim P. WalkerBraxton YountsIn issue five of Rock And A Hard Place you’ll find crime and much more. Wherever making the rent or a day of sobriety counts as a win, and wins and losses never even out, that’s our territory, and yours.

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