Sunday, December 20, 2020

SMFS Members Published in Thriller Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2

SMFS list members appear in the recently released, Thriller Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2. Published by Thriller Magazine, the read is available in both print and eBook formats at Amazon. The SMFS members in the issue are:


Stephen J. Golds with “Fingers Through Dirt.”


Zakariah Johnson with "Canis Interruptus." 



This issue features short stories that will leave readers on the edge of their seat. Showcasing a wide range of tales, everything from psychological thrillers, to brutal tales of murder, to political thrillers, and much more, this issue has it all!

Authors & poets included are:

Stephen J. Golds, Chris Fortunato, Michael Mallory, Fred Andersen, David Rachels, Zakariah Johnson, John H. Dromey, Joe Giordano, Eddie Fogler, Richard Risemberg, Nikkia Rivera, John Grey, Holly Day, & Brent Spencer

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