Saturday, December 19, 2020

SMFS Members Published in MASTHEAD: Best New England Crime Stories

Numerous SMFS list members have short stories in the new released anthology, MASTHEAD: Best New England Crime Stories. Published by Level Best Books, the read is available in print format. Edited by SMFS list member Harriet Sackler with Verna Rose and Shawn Reilly Simmons, the book is available at Amazon in print and eBook formats.  The SMFS members in the book are: 


Chris Chan with "How to Get Bloodstains Out of Leather Pants.”


R.M. Chastleton with “Gray Lady Noir.”


John Clark with “Eat Your Veggies.”


Patricia Dusenbury with “Shark Attack.”


Mary Dutta with “The Wonderworker.”


John Floyd with “A Business Dinner.”


Debra H. Goldstein “Forensic Magic.”


Maurissa Guibord with "The Executors.”


Margaret S. Hamilton with "Black Market Baby."


Steve Liskow with “Killer Bees.”


Michael Allan Mallory with “Blood Feud.”


Adam Meyer with “The Caretaker.”


Erica Obey with “The Haunting of Linonia & Brothers.”


Alan S. Orloff with “Other Arrangements.”


Olive Pollak with “In Walked Trouble.”


Tonya D. Price with “Risking It All.”


Michele Bazan Reed with “Sudden Death Overtime.”


Harriette Sackler with “Death of a Mill Girl.”


Cathi Stoler with “Blue Glass.”


Bev Vincent with “"The Lobster Trap.” 



MASTHEAD is the eighteenth Best New England Crime Stories Anthology, which once again brings together the best short crime fiction stories with a New England theme. Included are stories from seasoned authors and brand new voices in the genre, with stories as varied and unique as the region they represent. Included in this collection is the Al Blanchard Award Winning Story "The Wonderworker" by Mary Dutta.

Stories by Shannon Brady - Marlin Bressi - Chris Chan - John Clark - Bruce Robert Coffin - Sharon Love Cook - Tina deBellegarde - Brendan DuBois - Patricia Dusenbury - Mary Dutta - Gerald Elias - John M. Floyd - Debra H. Goldstein - Judith Green - Maurissa Guibord - Margaret S. Hamilton - Steve Liskow - Michael Allan Mallory - Jason Marchi - Ruth McCarty - Adam Meyer - Jen Collins Moore - Lorraine Sharma Nelson - Erica Obey - Alan Orloff - Olive Polack - Tonya Price - Michele Bazan Reed - Pat Remick - Harriette Sackler - Lida Sideris - Shawn Reilly Simmons - Clea Simon - M.J. Soni - Toby Soriero - Cathi Stoler - Anne Marie Sutton - Larry Tyler - Bev Vincent - Cathy Wiley


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Clea Simon said...

Very proud of have my "The Inside Job" in this anthology (and now a member of SMFS as well).