Sunday, January 5, 2020

A Short Walk Down A Dark Street: Issue 86

As posted by SMFS list member Peter DiChellis…

Sunday. A fine day for football and a fine day for a walk. A short walk down a dark street.
This week’s blog tackles short mystery and crime fiction with links to a bruising blitz of reviews, releases, free reads, and more.
Includes—hot off the presses: links to the January issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine and Issue #6 of Occult Detective Magazine (Formerly Occult Detective Quarterly.)
Plus: A devotee of “rejectomancy” (the arcane practice of divining hidden meaning from rejection letters) reflects on three types of tough rejections and what to do about them.
Also: An essay in appreciation of locked room mysteries. And three free stories from Crimson Streets.
A short walk down a dark street (#86). Celebrating short mystery and crime fiction.
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