Thursday, May 9, 2019

SMFS Members Published in Parnell Hall Presents Malice Domestic: Mystery Most Edible

A number of SMFS list members have been published in the latest Malice Domestic anthology titled, Parnell Hall Presents Malice Domestic: Mystery Most EdibleCurrently available in print from Amazon and other vendors. The members in the anthology are:

Marcia Adair with “Brown Recluse.”
Leslie Budewitz with “A Death in Yelapa.”
Debra H. Goldstein with “Pig Lickin’ Good.”
Marni Graff with “Quiche Alain.”
Kristin Kisska with “Snowbirding.”
Ellen Larson with “Up Day Down Day Deadly Day”
LD Masterson with “Sticky Fingers.”
Edith Maxwell with “Sushi Lessons.”
Ruth McCarty with “Killer Chocolate Chips.”
Rosemary McCracken with “Dining Out.”
Josh Pachter with “The Cremains of the Day.”
Ang Pompano with “Diet of Death.”
Stephen D. Rogers with “Turn The Sage.”
Verena Rose with “Death at the Willard Hotel.”
Harriette Sackler with “Honor Thy Father.”
Terry Shames with “Bring It.”
Nancy Cole Silverman with “The Gourmand.”
Shawn Reilly Simmons with “The Last Word.”
Mark Thielman with “Bull Dog Gravy.”
Stacy Woodson with “The Secret Blend.”                                                                                                                              


The Malice Domestic anthology series returns with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition -- 36 original tales with a culinary bent! Included are:
A Cup of Tea, by Parnell Hall
Brown Recluse, by Marcia Adair
A Slice of Heaven, by Laura Brennan
The Extra Ingredient, by Joan Long
A Death in Yelapa, by Leslie Budewitz
The Pie Sisters, by Richard Cass
Too Many Cooks Almost Spoil the Murder, by Lynne Ewing
Pig Lickin' Good, by Debra H. Goldstein
Quiche Alain, by Marni Graff
Diet of Death, by Ang Pompano
Death at the Willard Hotel, by Verena Rose
Dining Out, by Rosemary McCracken
Snowbirding, by Kristin Kisska
Up Day Down Day Deadly Day, by Ellen Larson
The Secret Blend, by Stacy Woodson
First of the Year, by Gabriel Valjan
Sticky Fingers, by LD Masterson
The Cremains of the Day, by Josh Pachter
Honor Thy Father, by Harriette Sackler
Killer Chocolate Chips, by Ruth McCarty
Sushi Lessons, by Edith Maxwell
The Missing Ingredient for Murderous Intent, by Elizabeth Perona
It's Canning Season, by Adele Polomski
The Gourmand, by Nancy Cole Silverman
The Blue Ribbon, by Cynthia Kuhn
The Last Word, by Shawn Reilly Simmons
Murder Takes the Cupcake, by Kate Willett
Bull Dog Gravy, by Mark Thielman
Morsels of the Gods, by Victoria Thompson
Mrs. Beeton's Sausage Stuffing, by Christine Trent
Bring It, by Terry Shames
Gutbombs 'n' Guinness, by Lisa Preston
Deadly In-Flight Dining, by Sara Rosett
Carne Diem, by Sharon Lynn
Turn the Sage, by Stephen D. Rogers
Bad Ju-Ju, by M.A. Monnin

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