Thursday, May 9, 2019

SMFS Members Published in EconoClash Review #4: Quality Cheap Thrills

Two SMFS list members have works in the just released EconoClash Review #4: Quality Cheap Thrills. The read is currently available on Amazon in digital format with the print edition expected in the new future. The two SMFS members in this issue are:

C. W. Blackwell with “Bad Junk.”

Robert Petyo with “In The Blood.”

Every one likes a good cheap thrill, but if you enjoy quality schadenfreude you'll love the tightly wound tales found between the covers of ECR number four. Number Four: The elemental number: Earth-wind-fire-books...I mean air. Four is the tetrad...the perfect number...a number for all mankind. These stories pulse with realism as they swing wildly between genres and bring you the joy in other people’s pain. The one, the only Rex Weiner kicks things off with a fantastic peek into realistic crime and punishment; and the one, the only, A.B. Patterson closes the show with the most transgressive thing I've read outside a public lavatory. Everyone in between brings vivid, pulse pumping action and suspense mixed nicely with severe moments of WTH. ECR #4 proudly features the authors: Mark Slade, Jon Zelazny, Robert Petyo, Hailey Piper, Matthew X. Gomez, Mark Slade, J.L. Boekenstein, Hatebreaker, J.S. Rogers, and C.W. Blackwell. Buy this book--lock the door with a chair—and get down with the fourth Issue of EconoClash Review.

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