Thursday, June 3, 2010

Statement from SMFS VP Candidate John Lindermuth

Being vice president (or holding any other office) was not my goal in joining SMFS. Like most of you, I already have an overflowing quota of responsibilities. Though I haven't been a member as long as some others, I share a love of the short story form and believe in the goals of the

My first response when asked to run was to say, thanks, but no. I do believe we have an obligation to serve in whatever way we can the organizations to which we belong.

I've published seven novels to date and a goodly number of short stories. I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for nearly 40 years. I'm currently librarian and secretary to the board of my county historical society. I've also served on a community hospital, Red Cross and several other charity boards, which gives me some insight into what it takes to run an organization.

If you think that qualifies me to be VP I would do my best to assist the president and promote SMFS and the short story form.

Thanks for considering me.

John Lindermuth

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