Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Statement from SMFS Vice Presidential Candidate Patricia Harrington

I've been a SMFS member since the organization's early days, after the group was formed by Margo Power. And, a few years ago, I was fortunate to be a Derringer Flash Fiction award winner.

I have a knowledge of the history of the organization as well as a love for the short story form.

In my other writing life, I'm a consultant to nonprofit organizations, writing grants, training staff and providing assistance on organizational development. And I'm a charter member of the American Association of Grantwriting Professionals (AAGP).

My view of serving in the vice-president position includes the following:

1) Be of assistance to the president, 2) help promote SMFS, 3) listen and respond to members' desires for the organization's growth, and 4) help foster recognition of the short mystery form and its authors, past and present.

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