Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New SMFS Site Layout

The following site layout was approved by group vote ending July 29, 2008

Statement of Purpose

The Short Mystery Fiction Society is a worldwide group of writers, editors, publishers and readers. Through informative discussions, publicity efforts, and annual awards, we promote the creation, publication, and appreciation of short crime and mystery fiction.

Join Us

Subscribe to the free Shortmystery Yahoo! Group. Send an e-mail to or visit the Shortmystery subscription page.

The current front page descriptions of the Derringer Awards and officers' roles will be shifted to the "Awards" and "Officers" pages respectively. The more informal description of the group will be on a new "Members' Welcome" page.

Members' Welcome

The Short Mystery Fiction Society includes wonderful and friendly people across the USA and Canada, the UK, India, South America, Australia and other exotic lands.

SMFS members engage in daily discussions about short mystery and crime fiction in particular and fiction writing in general. Ask questions about crime scene technology, police procedures, how PIs really operate, the best way to poison someone, how long does a dead body stay warm, or any other genre-related topic. You'll get answers from qualified experts in the field or from fellow SMFSers who have researched and written about it.

Have a problem with a story you're working on? Not sure how to develop a plot, plant clues and red herrings, add substance and life to your characters? Ask and you'll get help from others who struggle through the same problems with every story they write, whether it's their first or their hundred and first.

Members of SMFS also share information about where the best stories can be found for your reading pleasure, as well as where and how to submit your own stories for publication in this ever-evolving marketplace.


Marian Allen said...

I like it--but (were you waiting for the "but"?) I don't know that "Testimonials" is the right name for that page. "Who are we, really?" is too cumbersome,though.

Gerald, you are a prince. Thanks for all the thought and effort you've already put into your position, and for your patience and kindness with questions and nit-picking (no, of course I'm not talking about myself. Why would you think that?).

Gerald So said...

I'm open to something other than "Testimonials". Maybe "From the Members". I would like to credit the original authors, but so far no one has laid claim to writing the original statement.