Tuesday, June 11, 2024

SMFS Members Published in Crimeucopia - Through The Past Darkly


Today is publication day for Crimeucopia - Through The Past Darkly. Published by Murderous Ink Press, the read is available at Amazon and other vendors. SMFS list members that reported being in the read are:


J. Aquino with “Shake Hands with the Devil.”


J. F. Benedetto with “The Canadian -- Death in the Chinese Darkness.”


Maddi Davidson with “Cop and Robber.”


Hope Hodgkins with “Darkness Becomes You.”


Joan Leotta with “The Confession.”


 Merrilee Robson with “On the Sid of the Angels.”


S. B. Watson with “The Problem of the Disappearing Heart.”


Amazon Description:

It Was In The Year Of….

When you get a good piece of fiction, it’s hard to pass it up, and we always try and see if we can make it fit in somewhere.

The trouble comes when it’s a period piece. Yes, sometimes you can sneak it in, under the guise of it being ‘sort of’ Cosy/Noir/Narrative/Whodidit/Whydidit (etc) orientated. However, sometimes you know you’re left with two choices: Either reject the piece because it doesn’t fit — or see if a new anthology project can stand on its own two feet, take on the world, and win.

And no, not every piece in this is a Cosy — some might be considered as such, but some are Cosy Noir (and yes, such does exist), Historical/Period Drama, Historical Private Eyes, Narrative Crimes, and a whole spectrum of Crime fiction sub-genres in-between.

21 authors — Gary Thomson, Edward St. Boniface, Terry Wijesuriya, Frances Stratford, Dennis E. Delaney, Joan Leotta, Hope Hodgkins, Karen Odden, J. F. Benedetto, S. B. Watson, Hal Dygert, Merrilee Robson, John G. Bluck, David Hagerty, Avi Sirlin, Karl El-Koura, Penny Hurrell, Kai Lovelace, Maddi Davidson, J. Aquino and Kirk Landers — take you from 420 BC through to AD 1969, and give you a criminal history, laid out in a case by case Crimeucopia Crimeline.

As with all of these anthologies, we hope you’ll find something that you immediately like, as well as something that takes you out of your regular era comfort zone — and puts you into a completely new one.

Because, in the spirit of the Murderous Ink Press motto:

You never know what you like until you dust it off and read it. 

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