Tuesday, April 2, 2024

SMFS Member Publishing News: The First Murder by Carol Goodman Kaufman

Today is publication day for The First Murder by SMFS list member Carol Goodman Kaufman. Published by TouchPoint Press, the read is available from Amazon.


Amazon Description:


The ME ruled her death an accident. He was dead wrong.

When Mary Jane Bennett is found dead in her bed— alone, strangled by her own scarf, and with every door in the house locked — the medical examiner rules her death accidental, the result of a sex game gone horribly awry. State police decline to investigate further, but Queensbridge Police Chief Caleb Crane doesn't buy for a minute that his good friend died this way, so he undertakes his own investigation. Facing town councilors afraid of bad publicity, an angry medical examiner, and his own personal demons, he labors to solve what he believes is the first-ever murder in his pastoral Berkshire Hills village. Complicating things: the list of suspects includes some of the people to whom he is closest — including his own wife.

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