Monday, February 12, 2024

SMFS Members Published in Pulp Adventures #44


SMFS list members are published in Pulp Adventures #44. Published by Bold Ventures Press, the issue is available at the publisher. The SMFS list members that reported being in the issue are: 


Teel James Glenn with “Notches.”


Veronica Leigh with "Burning Bright."


Website Description: 


Featured Story


The Inevitable Conflict — E.C. Tubb

Thirty-six men were dead … that left Curt Harris, and time was running out!

Classic Pulp Fiction Close-Up


Room Number Twenty-Three — Judson P. Philips/Hugh Pentecost

Late evening … a scream … and a victim … but where was the victim?

Classic Pulp Fiction


The Wailing Hybrid — John Russell Fearn

A Comedy of Terrors — John Burke

Dagon — H.P. Lovecraft

New Pulp Fiction


Burning Bright — Veronica Leigh

Notches — Teel James Glenn

Worm Mother Revisited — Corky Savage

Scaramouche: A Rogue in the Hen House — Stuart Hopen

Pulp History


The Eliot Ness Story — Will Murray

57 Seconds and counting: E.C. Tubb — Philip Harbottle



Editorial: First is first — Audrey Parente

Rough edges: Thrilling Western, January 1953 — James Reasoner

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