Tuesday, February 13, 2024

SMFS Members Published in Murder, Neat: A SleuthSayers Anthology

Multiple SMFS list members appear in the new anthology, Murder, Neat: A SleuthSayers Anthology. Published by Level Short, an imprint of Level Best Books, the anthology is available at Amazon. The SMFS members that reported being in the book are:


Editor Michael Bracken with "Bar None."


Joseph D'Agnese with "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bled."


David Dean with "The Atonement of Michael Darcy.”


Eve Fisher with "Bad Influence."


John M. Floyd with “Bourbon and Water.”


Editor Barb Goffman with "Never Have I Ever."


R.T. Lawton with “The Bar.”


Steve Liskow with "When You Walk In the Room."


Robert Lopresti with “Shanks’s Sunbeam.”


Robert Mangeot with "Noble Rot."

O'Neil De Noux with "Flesh Wounds."

Art Taylor with "Two for One."


Mark Thielman with "Lyrics and Music."


Brian Thornton with “The Catherine Wheel.”


Elizabeth Zelvin with "A Friendly Glass."


Amazon Description:

Whether they drink whiskey or wine, crime fiction writers can often be found indulging in their favorite libations at all manner of drinking establishments (especially the hotel bar at most mystery conventions!). So, what better way to recognize this natural affinity than Murder, Neat, a collection of twenty-four crime stories set in a variety of bars, taverns, and tasting rooms, written by many of the most honored living crime fiction short story writers.

Edited by Anthony Award-nominated editors Michael Bracken and Barb Goffman, and featuring the work of many of the contributors to the SleuthSayers group blog, 
Murder, Neat includes new stories from:

Michael Bracken
Melodie Campbell
Joseph D’Agnese
David Dean
O’Neil De Noux
Eve Fisher
John M. Floyd
David Edgerley Gates
Barb Goffman
Kristin Kisska
Janice Law
R.T. Lawton
Steve Liskow
Robert Lopresti
Leigh Lundin
Lawrence Maddox
Bob Mangeot
Travis Richardson
Stephen Ross
Art Taylor
Mark Thielman
Brian Thornton
Jim Winter
Elizabeth Zelvin

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Kristin Kisska said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Kevin.

I think I'm late to the dance, but my short story in MURDER, NEAT is:

Kristin Kisska with "Not Yo' Mama's IPA"

Cheers to a fun crime anthology, y'all!