Monday, December 11, 2023

SMFS Members Published in Mickey Finn Volume 4: 21st Century Noir

This is publication day for the new book, Mickey Finn Volume 4: 21st Century Noir. Edited by SMFS list member Michael Bracken who also wrote the introduction, the anthology from Down & Out books features short stories from a number of SMFS list members. The read is available in digital and print formats from the publisher, Amazon, and other vendors.  The SMFS list members that reported being in the read are:


Ann Aptaker with "Home For Dinner."


Editor Michael Bracken with "Dogs of War." Cowritten with Stacy Woodson.


John M. Floyd with “A Surprise for Digger Wade.”


Nils Gilbertson with "A Good Friend."


James A. Hearn with "You're the One."


Hugh Lessig with "Where The Grass Is Greener."


Adam Meyer with "This is My Story."


Alan Orloff with "Come A-Knockin'."


Josh Pachter with "Lucifer Falls."


Stephen D. Rogers with "Sugar and Spice."


Bev Vincent with "Gemini."


Joseph S. Walker with "Off the Shelf."


Andrew Welsh-Huggins with "Our Abraham."


Stacy Woodson with "Dogs of War." Cowritten with Editor Michael Bracken.



Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir, Volume 4, the fourth entry of the hard-hitting anthology series, is another crime-fiction cocktail that will again knock readers into a literary stupor.

Contributors push hard against the boundaries of crime fiction, driving their work into places short crime fiction doesn’t often go, into a world where the mean streets seem gentrified by comparison and happy endings are the exception rather than the rule. And they do all this in contemporary settings, bringing noir into the 21st century.

Like any good cocktail, Mickey Finn is a heady mix of ingredients that packs a punch, and when you’ve finished reading every story, you’ll know that you’ve been “slipped a Mickey.”

The nineteen contributors, including some of today’s most respected short-story writers and new writers making their mark on the genre, include: Ann Aptaker, Trey R. Barker, Michael Bracken, John M. Floyd, Nils Gilbertson, David Hagerty, James A. Hearn, Hugh Lessig, Sean McCluskey, Adam Meyer, Gabe Morran, Alan Orloff, Josh Pachter, Stephen D. Rogers, Bev Vincent, Joseph S. Walker, Andrew Welsh-Huggins, Sam Wiebe, and Stacy Woodson.

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