Thursday, October 12, 2023

SMFS Members Published in Wolfsbane: Best New England Crime Stories 2023

Several SMFS list members are published in the recently released book, Wolfsbane: Best New England Crime Stories 2023. Published by Hale Street Press, the read is available in print at Amazon. The members in the book are:


Brenda Buchanan with "Assumptions Can Get You Killed.”


Bruce Robert Coffin with “One for the Road.”


Zakariah Johnson with "Not Too Sharp."


Paula Messina with "Which Way New England?"


Editor Susan Oleksiw with “The House on Riverbend Road."


Bonnar Spring with "Good Deed for the Day."


Editor Leslie Wheeler with “Whoop!”


Amazon Description:

Wolfsbane: Best New England Crime Stories 2023 once again brings together many of the best writers in the genre in our region. These 21 stories cover the full range of crime fiction, from the traditional amateur sleuth to the cop in the world of self-driving cars and AI bots running your home. The award-winning authors take us to the streets of Boston where drug dealers congregate, and yet show us the true character of some of those on the mean streets. A decent man goes undercover and learns a few lessons the hard way, and a lawyer faces his own hard reality. Every story brings new insight and fresh perspective to the world of crime, the criminals, and the victims caught among them.

Read the work of these award-winning writers: Jason Allison, Christine Bagley, Brenda Buchanan, Christine H. Chen, Bruce Robert Coffin, Michael Ditchfield, Judith Green, Connie Johnson Hambley, Sean Harding, Eleanor Ingbretson, Zakariah Johnson, Paula Messina, Susan Oleksiw, Robin Hazard Ray, Ray Salemi, Lauren Sheridan, Bonnie Spring, Gabriela Stiteler, Frances Stratford, Leslie Wheeler, Carolyn Marie Wilkins

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