Friday, February 17, 2023

SMFS Members Published in The Hunt: Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem #13


Several SMFS list members are published in The Hunt: Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem #13. Published by Knotted Road Press, the read is available in digital and print formats at Amazon. The SMFS list members in the issue are:


Joslyn Chase with "The Devil's Trumpet."


Diana Deverell with "Lowlife Safari."


Annie Reed with "The Final Girl."



Amazon Description: 

You step outside and feel eyes on you. Watching you. Waiting.

Have they finally caught up with you?

Or maybe you have those binoculars, watching someone very, very dangerous.

Either way, the hunt begins shortly.

And either hunter or prey faces doom.

The next thrilling issue of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem. Available at all reputable, and some disreputable, vendors.

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