Thursday, December 8, 2022

SMFS Member Publishing News: No Time For Murder by Bruce Most


SMFS list member Bruce Most’s latest book, No Time For Murder, is now available in digital and print formats. Published by Big Sleep Press, the read is available at Amazon.



David Dartman is the poster child for America’s rat-race life. He’s overwhelmed with to-do lists and packed calendars: kids to chauffer, a corporate history book to write, a soccer team to coach, exercise, lost socks to find . . . So when the widow of his best friend demands he prove her husband’s suicide was in fact murder, his first response is he doesn’t have time for murder. Moreover, he believes his friend, suffering PTSD from a military tour in Afghanistan, most certainly killed himself.

Yet remorseful for not being there for his troubled friend in his last days because he “was too busy,” the former investigative journalist and crime writer reluctantly starts poking around. The more he pokes—all while juggling his personal and professional obligations—the more he realizes his friend’s death is more than a simple suicide.

His investigation, and a string of bizarre, brutal killings, unearth uncomfortable truths about his friend’s death—truths that jeopardize David’s marriage and force him to recognize that life is more than one long To-do list.

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