Tuesday, August 16, 2022

SMFS Members Published in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine: September/October 2022

Today is release day and several SMFS list members have stories in the Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine: September/October 2022 issue. The issue is available at the publisher, Amazon, and other vendors. Those members are:


James R. Benn with “Irish Tommy.”


Kevin Egan with “Becoming Ian Fleming.”


John M. Floyd with “The Donovan Gang.”


James A. Hearn with "When the Dams Break."


Edith Maxwell with "Peril in Pasadena.”


Melissa Yi with “My Two-Legs.” 




September/October 2022


The Donovan Gang • John M. Floyd

My Two-Legs  Melissa Yi

Becoming Ian Fleming • Kevin Egan

Polk, Pitts, and Cadaver  Michael Nethercott

Dragon Well • Martin Limón

The People All Said Beware • Christopher Latragna

The Bosky Dell • Janice Law

When the Dams Break • James A. Hearn

Irish Tommy • James R. Benn

The Green Man • James Tipton

Peril in Pasadena • Edith Maxwell

Scars • Iain Rowan

A Stranger in the House • Sharon Hunt

Victim of Circumstance • L. A. Wilson, Jr.

Adorable • Tara Price and James Patrick Kelly


The Lineup

Mysterious Photograph

Dying Words by Arlene Fisher

Scrambled Wimsey by Mark Lagasse

Booked & Printed by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

The Story That Won

Solution to Dying Words

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