Tuesday, March 30, 2021

SMFS Member Publishing News: Bev Vincent

SMFS list member Bev Vincent’s horror novella, The Dead of Winter, was recently published in the book, Dissonant Harmonies, a collaboration with Brian Keene. Published by Cemetery Dance in print format with an eBook on the way, the read is available at the publisher and Amazon. The Spotify play list of musical selections that served as inspiration can be heard here.



Inspired by specially curated mixtapes, Bev Vincent and Brian Keene present two new spine-chilling novellas...

As a blizzard descends upon the sleepy town of Bayport, Rhode Island, brothers Joey and Frank Shaw investigate the mysterious disappearances of several townsfolk. After the discovery of strange tunnels, tunnels that only Joey can see, the trio suspect something is lurking beneath the snowbound town. Something burrowing. Something hungry. And it looks like Joey might be next in The Dead of Winter. 

Did you imagine the world vanishing to a flood or a comet, the hand of God or nuclear war? What if it started with something as innocuous as the Berenstain Bears, and something known as the Mandela Effect? Barricaded in a seedy motel room, one man makes sense of love, loss, and life as the end of the world looms. Do you see what he sees? Do you know what he knows?

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