Saturday, February 27, 2021

SMFS Member Publishing News: Annie Reed

SMFS list member Annie Reed has two stories published in The Year of the Cat anthology titled, The Year of the Cat: A Cat of Artistic Sensibilities. Published by WMG Publishing, the anthology is available in print and eBook formats from the publisher, Amazon, and other vendors. Annie Reed’s two stories in the anthology are “Essy and the Christmas Kitten" and "Paintings of Cats by Mice."



Cats and art mix in odd ways, at odd times. 

Scratch the surface on just about any well-known author and you will find a cat, or more likely, many cats. Not just authors. Painters, composers, dancers, and magicians all seem to need cats at some time or other. 

Cats inspire art. 

Or damage a piece of art. 

Or sit on a keyboard and create weird writing all their own. 

In this fantastic group of stories, we have cats as muse, cats falling for violinists, cats using love as an art, and even cats as feline photographers. 


“The Cat Who Lived in a Drainpipe” by Joan Aiken 

“I Bleed Music” by Stefon Mears 

“Pigeon Drop” by Mary A. Turzillo 

“Essy and the Christmas Kitten” by Annie Reed 

“The Secret Lives of Cats” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch 

“Cat Caught in the Art” by Dean Wesley Smith 

“My Father, the Cat” by Henry Slesar 

“Paintings of Cats by Mice” by Annie Reed 

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