Saturday, January 9, 2021

SMFS Members Published in Mardi Gras Mysteries

Several SMFS list members have short stories in the recently published anthology, Mardi Gras Mysteries. Published by Mystery and Horror, LLC, the read is available at Amazon in print and eBook. The SMFS list members in the read are:


Tom Andes with "Keep Your Head Up."


Nancy Brewka-Clark "Unholy Beads.”


DG Critchley with "The Brass Menagerie."


John Floyd with “Spell Check.”



By popular demand, we present the sequel to Mardi Gras Murder. Mardi Gras Mysteries offers seventeen tales of crime, mayhem, and murder set during the celebration and licentiousness of Carnival.

For a savory sample of New Orleans lore, take a sip of “A Prayer to Momus” by DJ Tyrer or “Carnival Carnage” by John Kiste. For a dish of redemption and revenge, returning author and Louisiana native Nathan Pettigrew serves up “The Steel Pelican.” Is a mystery with a literary flavor more to your taste? Try “The Brass Menagerie” by DG Critchley. If you prefer a racier seasoning, there’s “Unholy Beads” and “Gussy Saint and the Case of the Three-Boobed Woman.” For the deepest bowl of intrigue, we end with “Keep Your Head Up,” a thriller by Tom Andes.

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