Friday, January 1, 2021

SMFS Member Publishing News: Joseph Benedetto

SMFS list member Joseph Benedetto has two short stories in two different recently published anthologies. 

His short story, “The Dead Men on Asteroid 3-19 Delta” appears in Asteroids!: Stories of Space Adventure. Published by Lagrange Books, the anthology is available in both print and ebook formats at Amazon.




 Tiny specks in the void, devoid of life, inhospitable to visitors—asteroids are the ultimate expression of stark implacable reality. A big enough asteroid can scour the life from entire planets, if any are unlucky enough to cross its path. Yet as humans reach out into space, asteroids beckon with the lure of untold riches.Rediscover the wonders of space as you read short stories ranging from the whimsical to the thrilling. Journey into the last frontier in search of wealth. Put down roots and raise a family alongside some unusual neighbors. Explore the surprising beauty of secret places and ancient rock. Seek justice for lonely miners murdered for their claim. Cut one last desperate deal to escape a planet on fire.Experience the cosmic awe of asteroids.Asteroids! Stories of Space Adventure features the following short stories:“The Dead Men on Asteroid 3-19 Delta,” by Joseph Benedetto“Fabio-14 (ETC.),” by T.E. Ackerson“Fragile,” by Misha Burnett“The Shot Launched Around the World,” by Geoffrey Hart“Resonance,” by Kenneth B. Chiacchia“The Planetoid of Doom: A Rory Rammer, Space Marshal Adventure,” by Ron N. Butler“Rumblings,” by Roy Gray“Bad Egg: A Sundog Tale,” by Bruce F. WebsterWith an introduction by editor Oren Litwin.More anthologies from Lagrange Books!Ye Olde Magick Shoppe: Stories of Magic for SaleThe Wand that Rocks the Cradle: Magical Stories of Family 


His short story, "Murder, and a Multitude of Other Sins" appears in the anthology, Fark in the Time of Covid: The Fark 2020 Fiction Anthology. Published by Fark.Com, the read is available in print and eBook formats at Amazon.



From across the far reaches of the internet, the community at presents . . . Fark in the Time of Covid: The 2020 Fark Fiction Anthology.Our editors have worked feverishly to bring you the best short fiction of 2020 from the minds and imaginations at Fark, the online community where snark is king and wit reigns supreme.Time travel. Murder. Vampires. A basement apartment for rent. More vampires. Zombies. Aliens. Even more vampires! Whatever that thing was. And last but not least, Florida.And even better, for the fifth year in a row, all proceeds from the sale of this anthology will benefit an excellent children’s charity chosen by the posters at up your squirrel and sanitize the slatted chair of woe, because this is Fark in the Time of Covid.

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