Monday, January 25, 2021

SMFS Member Publishing News: David Goudsward

SMFS list member David Goudsward edited and annotated the new book, Old World Footprints by Cassie Symmes. Published by Bold Ventures Press, it is currently available in paperback and hardcover at the publisher.


Publisher Synopsis:

Preface by H.P. Lovecraft (ghosting for Frank Belknap Long)

Edited and annotated by David Goudsward; Foreword by Bobby Derie

In 1928, Mrs. William B. Symmes published a 32-page travelogue. The 300-copy run was privately distributed by Mrs. Symmes among her friends and family. The book's publisher was amateur pressman W. Paul Cook and his Recluse Press imprint. Mrs. Symmes' nephew, Frank Belknap Long is credited for the preface, actually ghostwritten by H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft proofread the book for Cook, and may have edited it as well. The involvement of Cook, Long, and Lovecraft transforms an unremarkable travelogue by Cassie Symmes into one of the rarest of Lovecraft-related publications.

Bold Ventures Press proudly presents a new edition, edited and annotated by Lovecraft scholar David Goudsward. It is illustrated by photos and period postcards, and includes a foreword by pulp scholar Bobby Derie and Cassie’s biography.

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