Sunday, January 3, 2021

Gateway Drugs: Great Short Stories

 Sadly there are some people in the world who haven't discovered the joys of short fiction.  We invited members of the Society to list stories they thought would make a great introduction to the field, and here  are their suggestions. Most but not all are mysteries.  We have compiled sources for each story but we will have to put them in a separate note.

Allingham Margery The Villa Marie Celeste
Barrie J.M. The Adventure of the two collaborators
Barthelme Donald The Joker's Greatest Triumph
Bierce Ambrose An  Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Bierce Ambrose A Horseman in the sky
Borges Jorge Luis Borges and I
Boyle TC Achates McNeil
Bradbury Ray The  Fruit at the bottom of the bowl
Bradbury Ray The Jar
Bradbury Ray The Whole Town's Sleeping,
Brown Fredric Voodoo
Cecil Henry Proof
Chan Christopher Six year old serial killer
Cheever John The Enormous Radio
Child Lee Guy walks into a bar
Christensen Jan Artie and the long-legged woman
Collier John Thus I refute Beelzy
Connell Richard The most dangerous game
Dahl Roald Lamb to the Slaughter
de Maupassant Guy The Necklace
Dick Philip K. The Box
Dinesen Isak Babette's feast
Doyle Arthur C The Adventure of the Speckled Band
du Maurier Daphne Don't look now
du Maurier Daphne The  Birds
Eliot George Lifted Veil
Ellison Harlan Soft Monkey
Ellison Harlan Jeffty is five
Fitzgerald F. Scott A Diamond as big as the ritz
Galsworthy John Under the Apple Tree
Garcia Marquez Gabriel Death Constant Beyond Love
Gilman Charlotte Perkins The Yellow wallpaper
Glaspell Elizabeth A Jury of her peers
Grafton Sue A Poison that leaves no trace
Hall James W. Crack
Hardy Melissa The Uncharted Heart
Harvey WF August Heat
Heker Liliana Stolen Party
Hemingway Ernest Hills Like White Elephants
Henry O The Gift of the magi
Henry O The  Ransom of red chief
Hill Joe 20th century ghost
Holding James   Second Talent
Jackson Shirley The  Lottery
Jackson Shirley The Possibility of Evil
Jacobs WW The Monkey's Paw
James  PD Great Aunt Allie's Flypapers
Kemal  Yashar Dirty Story
King Stephen Mrs Todd's Shortcut
King Stephen Last Rung on the Ladder
Knight Damon The Country of the Kind
Lansdale Joe R The Night they missed the horror show
Lardner Ring Haircut
Lehane Dennis Running out of dog
Lippman Laura Crack Cocaine Diet
Matheson Richard Disinheritors
Melville Herman Benito Cereno
Oates Joyce Carol Where are you going, where have you been?
O'Connor Flannery A Good Man is hard to find
Pachter Josh The Odds are Good
Poe Edgar A The  Murders in the Rue Morgue
Poe Edgar A A Cask of Amontillado
Rinehart Mary R Lipstick
Ritchie Jack The Green Heart
Russ Joanna My Boat
Sa'edi Gholam-Hossein Game is over
Slaughter Karin Remmy Rothstein Toes the Line
Spark Muriel The Portobello Road
Sturgeon Theodore A Way of Thinking
Symons Julian The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring 
Taylor Art    English 398: Fiction Workshop
Thurber James W. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Wilhelm Kate The Funeral
Winslow Don San Diego Zoo
Wodehouse PG Crime wave at Blandings

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