Friday, December 11, 2020

SMFS Members Published in Rock and a Hard Place: Issue 4: Fall/Winter 2020

Several SMFS list members are published in the new issue of Rock and a Hard Place: Issue 4: Fall/Winter 2020. The read came out earlier this month and is available in both print and eBook formats at Amazon. The members in the issue are:


Jay Butkowski  wrote the forward in his role as Managing Editor and has a photo in the issue.


Paul Garth is Associate Editor and has a story, “Red of Tooth and Claw” which was selected before he joined the editorial board.


Stephen J. Golds with "Hereafter."


Bruce Harris with “Drilling.”



Meeting cute in a home invasion can't end well.

Tell yourself dancing is dancing and just do it.

Sometimes the only thing you get to choose in life is how you check out.

Cue the meth gators.

Rock and a Hard Place is back with Issue 4, the downest and dirtiest chronicle of bad decisions and desperate people yet, with contributions from:

Jay Bechtol, Michael Chin, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Laura Dizon, Paul J. Garth, Dan Georgakas, Stephen J. Golds, Bruce Harris, Russell W. Johnson, Wilson Koewing, Diane Krauthamer, Susan Kuchinskas, Jeff Maschi, Jess Messier, Roger Nokes, Andrew Novak, Thomas Pluck, Richard Risemberg, Peter Rozovsky, Jason Mykl Snyman, Stefen Styrsky, N.B. Turner and Jane Young.

Rock and a Hard Place is the place for noir that goes beyond crime to a view of the world. Anywhere substance abuse, sex work, dead end jobs and hopeless scams are the obvious choice, you'll find our authors digging deep.

What are you waiting for?

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