Tuesday, December 15, 2020

SMFS Member Publication News: Claire A. Murray

SMFS list member Claire A. Murray’s short story “Lucky Seven” appears in the new anthology published today, Portraits of the Pen: A Collection of Short Stories.  The book is available in audio, eBook, and print formats at the publisher.


City Limits Publishing Synopsis:

Portraits of the Pen: A Collection of Short Stories features over two dozen short stories that paint glorious portraits of the characters within. From stories of life lessons to romance, suspense to fantasy, be taken away to many worlds where rich characters tell stories of the every man, and every woman. Watch time pass and romance blossom in The Beach House. Journey to Chalcey in the thriller Foundling. Learn a valuable life lesson in Paxton’s Socks. Each piece has been hand picked and features layered stories that invoke strong senses and paint detailed pictures in the minds of the readers.

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