Tuesday, November 3, 2020

SMFS Members Published in A Grave Diagnosis: 35 Stories of Murder and Malaise

Several SMFS list members are in the new anthology, A Grave Diagnosis: 35 Stories of Murder and Malaise. Published by Carrick Publishing, the read is currently available in eBook format at Amazon. The SMFS members in the anthology are: 


M. H. Callway with “The Eternal Bakery of the Fractal Mind.”


John M. Floyd with “The Rocking R.”


Blair Keetch with “'Sleep, Perchance to Die.”


Rob McCartney with “The Red Cord.”


Rosemary McCracken with “Hooked.”


Ed Piwowarczyk with “Danny and Me.”


Merrilee Robson with “In His Element.”


C.A. Rowland with “The House of Elizabeth Dandridge.”


Steve Shrott with "Sometimes Miracles Happen."


Sylvia Warsh with “Days Without Name.”


Amazon Synopsis:

Evil and illness are intertwined in this third Carrick crime anthology.


Our 35 authors each take a stab at answering the question: What happens when murder seems like the best cure for what ails you?


Join us for this pandemic publication and find out how we spent our COVID-19 isolation.


Catherine Astolfo

Rosemary Aubert

Jayne Barnard

Thom Bennett

Susan Bowman

Jane Petersen Burfield

Linda Cahill

M.H. Callway

Melodie Campbell

Donna Carrick

Rosalind Croucher

Lisa de Nikolits

John M. Floyd

Mary Fraser

Delee Fromm

Therese Greenwood

Elizabeth Hosang

Blair Keetch

Laura Kulmann

Hayley Liversidge

Sylvia Maultash Warsh

Rob McCartney

Rosemary McCracken

Lynne Murphy

Joan O’Callaghan

Ed Piwowarczyk

Rosalind Place

Merrilee Robson

C.A. Rowland

Steve Shrott

Madona Skaff

Caro Soles

Blake Stirling

Kevin P. Thornton

Vanessa Westermann

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