Tuesday, October 20, 2020

SMFS Member Publishing News: C. W. Blackwell

SMFS list member C. W. Blackwell’s short story, “The Cold Dark Forever” appears in the just published The Other Side: A Horror Anthology. Published by Devil's Rock Publishing, the read is available in digital and print formats from the publisher, Amazon, and other vendors.





Death is only the beginning…

There was only so long that the crypt could hide the secrets. Only so long the living could wait to pry open the coffin’s lid and discover the truth. For millennia, humans have pondered the endless abyss, made their own determinations, sobbed at the tombstones of lovers and prayed for a restful thereafter.


Now, for the first time, “The Other Side” is revealed in all its decrepit glory.


In this dark fiction and horror anthology, eleven horror authors explore the infinite possibilities that lay beyond the living. Featuring ghosts, graves, celestial voyages, forgetful realms, and forests of the dead, “The Other Side” will have you questioning all that you think you know about what lies beyond the curtain.


This bone-chilling collection features:


“Dirt” by Tom Garback

“Marvin’s Tavern” by Heinrich von Wolfcastle

“Corpse Forest” by Julie Hiner

“Wheels within Wheels” by Daniel R. Robichaud

“Piece by Piece” by Daniel Willcocks

“Secret Places” by Harvey Click

“Sheol” by Paul Stansfield

“The Cold Dark Forever” by C.W. Blackwell

“The Fork in the Road” by J. Thorn

“The Bus” by M.B. Vujačić

“Click for Ascension” by Thomas Kodnar


This collection has been edited by international bestselling author of dark fiction, Daniel Willcocks, and published by Devil’s Rock Publishing. For more information, visit www.devilsrockpublishing.com

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