Wednesday, August 12, 2020

SMFS Member Publishing News: Frank Zafiro

Today is publication day for SMFS list member Frank Zafiro’s new book, Place of Wrath and Tears. This is the sixth book in his police procedural series that began with, Under A Raging Moon: A River City Crime Novel. More information on the book and the series can be found at the author’s website. The read is available at Amazon and other vendors in a variety of formats.


A River City Crime Novel #6
It is the nightmare of every community – a school shooting.
When a disturbed teenager masterminds this terrible event, everyone in River City is plunged into the darkness that surrounds it. The students and teachers try to survive, and the men and women of RCPD try to save them. But when things go horribly wrong, everyone seems to be looking elsewhere for someone to blame.
Officer Katie MacLeod is among many who discover that the nightmare doesn’t end when the shooting stops.
Takes place in 2001.
Author’s Note: This book was originally slated to be #5 in the series, but when I began writing it after finishing And Every Man Has to Die, I stalled about a third of the way through.  There were personal and professional reasons for this hitch, but what I eventually discovered was that it just wasn’t time for this story yet. The Menace of the Years had to come first. Once that happened in 2018, the time for this tale had come. And even though the subject matter is difficult, and unfortunately still very relevant today, it is against these terrible events that we measure the greatness of those who respond… or their failures.

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