Tuesday, July 28, 2020

SMFS Member Publishing News: Nupur Tustin

Today is publication day for SMFS list member Nupur Tustin’s new book, Master of Illusion: A Celine Sky Psychic Mystery. Published by Foiled Plots Press, the read is available in print and eBook formats from Amazon and other vendors.


When death arrives in Paso Robles, so do clues to an infamous art heist in Boston. . .
For seven years, psychic Celine Skye has led a life free of visions in quiet Paso Robles. But now the visions are back. Along with a dubious customer from Boston.

Celine has always been able to sense death. But not even she can foresee her employer Dirck's murder. Finding his corpse in the wine bar he owns is bad enough.

Grappling with the suspicion that Dirck's death could be connected with the Gardner Museum heist is even worse.

As Celine struggles to make sense of the psychic clues she receives, there's just one question in her mind: What exactly did Dirck know about the Gardner Museum heist to get himself killed?

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