Thursday, July 16, 2020

2020 Public Safety Writers Association Winners: Vinnie Hansen and Ellen Kirschman

In addition to the previously announced award news regarding Victoria Weisfeld, the SMFS would like to announce and congratulate our members Vinnie Hansen and Ellen Kirschman who also won  2020 Public Safety Writers Association Awards.

Vinnie Hansen’s short story, “The Last Word” from the 2019 anthology, Fault Lines: Stories by Northern California Crime Writers took second place in the “Short Story, Published” category.

Vinnie Hansen also took third place in the same category with “Room and Board” from the 2019 anthology, Fishy Business: The Fifth Guppy Anthology.

In the “Fiction Book, Unpublished” category, Ellen Kirschman reports that she took second place for The Answer To His Prayers (the fourth book of the Dr. Dot Mystery Series).

Ellen Kirschman also received a Honorable Mention in the “Short Story, Unpublished” category for “Don’t I Know You.”  

The full list of the Public Safety Writers Association Award winners can be found here

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