Saturday, June 20, 2020

SMFS Member Publishing News: Michael Bracken

SMFS list member Michael Bracken’s new short story, “El Despoblado” appears in the recently published, Digest Enthusiast #12. Published by Larque Press, the read is available in print and digital formats from the publisher, Amazon, and other vendors.


• Tony Gleeson (FantasticAmazing Science FictionMike Shayne, Personal Crimes).
• John Shirley (WeirdbookFantasticThe CrowConstantineWetbones).

• Lester del Rey’s Five Ages of Science Fiction by Vince Nowell, Sr.
• Born of Other Worlds, it’s Science Stories, a digest Ray Palmer “tossed in your lap with little or no ceremony.”
• News and dozens of cover previews from around the world of digests, direct from the magazines’ editors, publishers, and writers.
• Mike Chomko and William Lampkin untangle the fate of PulpFest 2020 and The Pulpster.
• Richard Krauss exhumes the true crime sensation: Fotocrime.
• Steve Carper rediscovers the remarkable Photoplay Editions.
• Ward Smith spotlights Digest Science Fiction Novels.

• Amazing Selects
• bare•bones No. 1
• EconoClash Review No. 5
• Guns + Tacos Season One
• Lake County Incidents
• Paperback Fanatic No. 43

• Stories by Michael Bracken, Rick Ollerman, and Joe Wehrle, Jr. with artwork by Rick McCollum, Marc Myers, and Michael Neno.

• Over 100 digest magazine cover images, cartoons by Bob Vojtko, first issue factoids, and more.
• Cover by Tony Gleeson, 160 pages, published in full color by Larque Press.

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