Tuesday, April 28, 2020

SMFS Members Published in Death in the Drowned Lands: An Anthology for the World

Several SMFS members have short stories in the new book, Death in the Drowned Lands: An Anthology for the World. The read is available in eBook format at Amazon. The SMFS list members in the book are:

J. F. Benedetto with "Death is a Matter of Faith."

Kaye George with “Going Home.”

James L’Etoile with “Moldy Cash and a Getaway."

Kate Thornton with “Treasured Memory.”


This is an anthology of stories inspired by the terrifying prospect of climate change and what that means—not just now, but for all the coming generations.

Fourteen bestselling and prize-winning authors have joined forces to produce this collection, contributing tales based on their original and inventive interpretation of the theme “Death in the Drowned Lands.” On these pages you’ll find stories of deaths intentional and accidental, events both comic and tragic, and settings ranging from the ancient past to the far future.
This book is a labor of love, a gift from the writers to the planet we inhabit. One hundred percent of the royalties earned will be donated to an organization at the forefront of the battle to stop global warming.

Remember—there is no Planet B.

With works by: R. C. Barnes, J.F. Benedetto, Kimmy Dee, Kaye George, Mark Hauer, Berkeley Hunt, E. E. King, Katia Kozar, James L’Etoile, Kat Parrish, Mark Rogers, Kate Thornton, Max Tomlinson, and Albert Tucher.

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James L’Etoile said...

Thanks for posting, Kevin. This is the second anthology that I've worked with editor Kathrine Tomlinson. Great to work with and she's pulled together a nice collection for this issue. Last year's anthology was Strangers in a Strange Land: Immigrant Stories, co-edited with Crhis Rhatigan.