Wednesday, April 15, 2020

SMFS Member Publication News: M. A. Monnin

SMFS list member M. A Monnin’s short story, “Siren Song” appears in the new anthology, All That Weird Jazz. Published by Pro Se Productions, the book is available in eBook and print formats at Amazon.


Jazz. A music of improvisation, of passion, of its very own kind of magic. Considered by many to be the only truly original American form of music, it has since its birth in a smoky room somewhere also been tied to the strange, wrapped up in the supernatural, associated with the occult, at least in hints and shadows. Pro Se Productions now brings together several of the most innovative writers in genre fiction today in ALL THAT WEIRD JAZZ, telling the tales of the unusual between the notes, the magic behind the music.From straight up pulp action to ghostly noir to a dragon who digs Jazz more than anyone else, ALL THAT WEIRD JAZZ takes love for this unique musical styling to an all new level, complete with adventure, thrills, and even a chill or two

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