Sunday, November 17, 2019

SMFS Members Recognized in The Best American Mystery Stories 2019

Several SMFS list members have had their works recognized in The Best American Mystery Stories 2019. Published by Mariner Books, the read is available in both print and digital formats at Amazon and other vendors. The SMFS list members recognized in the book are;

Tonya D. Price with “Payback” originally published in Fiction River: Hard Choices

Other Distinguished Mystery Stories List:

Michael Bracken with “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Diana Deverell with “Payback is a Bitch.”

Brian Silverman with “Scotch Bonnet.”

Andrew Welsh-Huggins with “Long Drive Home.”

New York Times best-selling author of ten genre-bending novels Jonathan Lethem helms this collection of the year’s best mystery short fiction. 

For Jonathan Lethem, “crime stories are deep species gossip.” He writes in his introduction that “they’re fundamentally stories of power, of its exercise, both spontaneous and conspiratorial; stories of impulse and desire, and of the turning of tables.” The Best American Mystery Stories 2019 has its full share of salacious intrigue, guilt, and retribution. The twists and bad decisions pile up when a thief picks the wrong target or a simple scavenger hunt takes a terrible turn. What happens when you befriend a death row inmate, or just how does writing Internet clickbait became a decidedly dangerous occupation? “How can we not hang on their outcomes?” asks Lethem. “Are we innocent ourselves, or complicit?” Read on to find out.
The Best American Mystery Stories 2019 includes Sharon Hunt, Harley Jane Kozak, Mark Mayer, Jennifer McMahon, Joyce Carol Oates, Brian Panowich, Tonya D. Price, Ron Rash, Robb T. White, and others.


Chris said...

You forgot me: Chris Fortunato, The Boot Scraper. I thought I was a member of SMFS.

Kevin R. Tipple said...

Your name does not come up on the SMFS member roll at Groups.Io. Without knowing your personal email address I can't check that. So, as it stands, you are not a member of the SMFS.

My records indicate you did NOT respond to any of the messages ON THE LIST asking for list members to respond to let me know they were in it. List members have total responsibility for following the list messages and responding to such items. If a person is on the list and does not respond to the messages on the list, that is their choice to not be included.

Therefore, I did not forget anything at all as the finalized news post reflects the members that were members of the SMFS at the time of posting and had reported their presence in the work.

Kevin R. Tipple