Friday, November 8, 2019

SMFS Members Published in Seascape: Best New England Crime Stories

Several SMFS members have published stories in the new anthology, Seascape: Best New England Crime Stories. Published by Level Best Books the read is available in both print and digital formats from Amazon. The SMFS members in the anthology are:

Michael Bracken with “Who Done It.”

Peter Hayes with “Pretty Dreams.”

Linda Leszczuk with “Do Not Disturb.”

Adan Meyer with “Mrs. Montgomery.”

Alan Orloff with “Ward’s Cleaver.”

Ang Pompano with “Stringer.”

CJ Verburg with “Peccata Mundy.”

Joseph S. Walker with “Haven.”

Vicki Weisfeld with “The Ghost Who Read the Newspaper.”

Amazon Synopsis:

SEASCAPE, the Seventeenth Best New England Crime Stories Anthology, once again brings together the best short crime fiction stories about New England. We feature stories from well-published writers to brand new voices in the genre, with stories as varied and unique as the region they represent. Included in this collection is the Al Blanchard Award Winning Story. Stories by: Michael Bracken, Tina deBellegarde, Marjorie Drake, Ang Pompano, Lynn Sheft, Vicki Weisfeld, Tiger Wiseman, Adele Gardner, Jim Wright, Christine Bagley, Rachel Brown, Cynthia Drew, Victoria Gosseling, Peter W. J. Hayes, Linda, Leszczuk, Adam Meyer, Rory O'Brien, Alan Orloff, Verena Rose, Janet Raye Stevens, Cynthia Sabelhaus, Gabriel Valjan, CJ Verberg, Harriette Sackler, William Ade, Shawn Reilly Simmons, Katie Tietjen, Woody Hanstein, Lorraine Sharma Nelson, Brenda Seabrooke, and Joseph Walker.

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