Wednesday, November 27, 2019

SMFS Member Publication News: Cathi Stoler

SMFS list member Cathi Stoler’s new book, OUT OF TIME: A Nick Donahue Adventure, has been released by Black Opal Books. Published in digital format only, the read is available at Amazon.

A Nick Donahue Adventure

It was supposed to be a simple and quick assignment for Marina DiPietro and Nick Donahue. Help Marina’s client, Adnan bin Haddad, protect his fabulous racehorse, Devil Wind, from human predators who threaten the stallion with death if millions aren’t paid in “protection money.” Just guard the horse and catch the predators before they strike. If you’re lucky.

Turns out, the threat against the horse is just the opening move to get into bin Haddad’s science lab and steal his latest invention. Now Nick must stop the perpetrators, ISIS, from getting their hands on the ultimate weapon of war—a tool of unimaginable terror, a cloaking device, that could tear the world apart.

Then events spiral out of control. The daughter of bin Haddad’s closest friend and employee, is kidnapped, Marina is kidnapped, and Nick becomes enmeshed in a web of betrayal and deceit. ISIS is determined to have the cloaking device, and Nick has to use all the cunning, skill, and subterfuge he’s acquired as a gambler to discover the “tell” that will help him turn the predators into prey.

And, there’s no time to lose.

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