Monday, October 28, 2019

SMFS Members Published in Switchblade: Tech Noir

Several SMFS list members are published in the new Switchblade: Tech Noir issue. Edited by Scotch Rutherford, the read is published by Caledonia Press. Currently the read is only available in digital format from Amazon.

Eric Beetner with “Killer App.”

Alec Cizak with “Post-Biologocal_Stress-Disorder.”

Nick Kolakowski with “Night Mayor.”

Amazon Synopsis:

This is it, Switchblade: Tech Noir, the ultimate cutting edge cyberpunk anthology—and that’s only the half of it. One of a two volume set, featuring hard boiled gutter noir, with a sci-fi twist. Presented alongside the ultimate cyber Pulp companion issue, Pulp Modern: Tech Noir. Ten hard-hitting no luck tales from dystopian doomsayers. With fiction from Callum McSorley, James Edward O’Brien, Mandi Jourdan, Hugh Lessig, Rob D. Smith, John Moralee, along with Switchblade veterans, Matt Gomez, Nick Kolakowski, Eric Beetner, and Alec Cizak.

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