Saturday, January 12, 2019

SMFS Short Story Saturdays: Jim Doherty

Back in May SMFS celebrated, as we do each year, International Short Story Month. The celebration led to the creation of the weekly short story segment SMFS Short Story Saturdays. Each Saturday we feature a SMFS list member whose work can be read online for free. These short stories are at least a year old and were not previously linked to during the May 2018 Short Story Month event.

Today for SMFS Short Story Saturdays, Jim Doherty shares two stories that feature his series  character, peripatetic cop Dan Sullivan, who's also the lead in his novel, An Obscure Grave. They should be read in order as they feature Dan at different points of his career. Both stories were award winners in the contests they were written for several years ago.

First up is “Stench” archived at Mysterical-E. Please note that at some point during a site update or something, all the quotation marks in the story were replaced with diamond shaped question marks. Read accordingly.

Second is “Death and Taxes” archived at Over My Dead Body!

If you would like to be included and are a member of the SMFS list at yahoo groups, email the link to your story to KevinRTipple at Verizon dot net. If you are not a member, this would be a good time to check us out at Yahoo Groups.

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