Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Derringer Submissions

I am going to follow the submission format that we have used in the recent past.  I would like to reformat as few submissions as possible and get them into the judges hands quickly. 
The 2019 Derringer competition uses the following standard layout linked below. 
Please use .doc (not .docx) file type and Times New Roman 12-point font for your submission file.  Please include the number of words in your submission as shown in the format.
Please remove all of your personal information from the ms. Any personal information found will be stripped from the ms before it is placed into judges' packages.
If any format adjustments need to be made, you will be contacted ASAP.

Include your personal information in your submission email, including when and where the submission was published.   
Submissions will be taken for 30 days:  January 1 through January 30, 2019.  I would like to provide the submission judging packages to the judges on Jan 31st.  
When submitting your stories, please include " [Derringers]" somewhere in the subject line.  This will make it easy to spot your submission so that nothing is lost.  
Email submissions to "Tony.Rudzki [at] gmail.com". 
For more about who and what stories are eligible for the 2019 Derringers, see Derringer Awards Policy.

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